ProProfs Project Advisory Board

Meet the visionaries upholding our review standards

The Advisory Board at ProProfs Project shares our mission of offering practical, innovative solutions to support businesses and individuals in achieving success. Our esteemed group of subject matter experts (SMEs) includes leaders in modern technology, software experts, customer support specialists, and educators from various disciplines.

This multidisciplinary team offers a wealth of experience in SaaS, ensuring that our advice is built on solid knowledge and industry best practices.

Our experts focus on providing valuable insights and content to help businesses excel in utilizing our suite of products. Their collective expertise is instrumental in guiding businesses to streamline processes, improve employee engagement, and create outstanding customer experiences.

Advisory Board Members

Durgesh Sharma
Durgesh Sharma

Director of Technology

Durgesh Sharma, an accomplished technology expert with 15+ years of industry experience, is a valued member of the ProProfs Project Advisory Board. Proficient in workflow management and adept at leading diverse IT teams, Durgesh guarantees the precision and dependability of content at ProProfs. His extensive expertise and meticulous attention to detail are pivotal in upholding the quality standards of technological content, enhancing the overall user experience.

Richi Gupta
Richi Gupta

Lead Product Analyst

Richi Gupta, a Lead Product Analyst, excels in systems integration and translating complex business needs into actionable tech strategies. Her attention to detail, coupled with exemplary project management skills, drive her success in product feedback management, competitive analysis, strategic planning, and budget management. As a valued member of the ProProfs Survey Maker Advisory Board, Richi's primary objective is to deliver precise and coherent content, ensuring alignment with the company's strategic vision and objectives.

ProProfs Editorial Review Process

At ProProfs, we've devised a meticulous process to ensure that every insight we offer stands up to the highest standards of industry expertise. Upon creation, the content undergoes review by our Advisory Board, a group of trailblazing technology specialists.

Each content piece is systematically assigned to a subject matter expert possessing comprehensive knowledge in a specific area aligned with the content's focus. This approach assures that the guidance is accurate and addresses contemporary business complexities and opportunities.

Once the content meets the stringent standards set by our Advisory Board, it is stamped with "Approved By," attributing the expert. This mark attests to the content's quality, precision, and relevance. When you see this label, you can trust the insights you're receiving.

By adhering to this process, ProProfs remains committed to supporting your business journey, delivering insights that are both useful and backed by experts.

Check out our detailed Editorial Process.

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