• Plan & manage projects across a portfolio
  • Manage teams’ workload across all projects
  • Monitor portfolio progress
  • Get rich insights into portfolio performance
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What Is Project Portfolio Management Software?

Project portfolio management software brings all your projects under one roof, helping teams plan, manage, and execute them effortlessly without switching screens. It enables teams across multiple projects to collaborate in real-time and track portfolio activities from initiation to completion.

With a powerful portfolio management system, you can make the most of the available resources, manage your budget and monitor the performance of each project for overall portfolio success.

Project Portfolio Management Software

Why Is a Project Portfolio Management Tool Essential for Your Business?

Managing multiple projects in a portfolio is not a piece of cake. A project portfolio management software acts as a reliable ally that helps you in project planning, task & timeline planning, capacity planning, resource utilization, and much more, ensuring overall portfolio success. Explore the various benefits of project portfolio management here.

Centralize All Your Projects with Project Portfolio Management tool
Centralize All Your Projects

A portfolio management tool creates a centralized space where multiple projects can flourish together. It helps you navigate through all project activities in a shared calendar. A single dashboard to manage projects and monitor their progress without switching tabs makes portfolio management easier and seamless.

Manage portfolio in single view
Manage Tasks Across All Projects in a Single View

Managing tasks is a real challenge with multiple projects at hand. A project portfolio management software gives a centralized view of tasks across projects or inside a project, making it easy to track their progress. It’s also possible to check the status of tasks, their due dates, and the team members working on them from a single screen.

Make team work in collaboration with real time notifications
Help Teams Work in Collaboration

Different teams working across multiple projects can hit collaboration and communication. The right project portfolio management software allows teams to collaborate via comments and share files on the go. It keeps teams across all projects on the same page with real-time notifications and easy collaboration.

create a roadmap for your portfolio
Clearly View the Larger Picture

It’s easy to lose focus on the ultimate goal while juggling multiple projects at a time. With a portfolio management tool, you can create a roadmap for your portfolio, estimate its time and cost and get a clear picture of how each project is progressing. With more clarity and less chaos, it’s easier to focus on each project without losing track of the end goal.

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Plan & Manage Projects Across a Portfolio

Organize multiple projects in a single view

Get a visually illustrated view of all your projects, tasks, and subtasks with a Gantt Chart. Set the start and due dates of all projects and track them from start to finish on a single dashboard. Manage tasks by simple drag and drop and track their progress with progress bars. See all project activities on a single screen and never miss a deadline.

  • Plan projects with a Gantt Chart
  • Set start & due dates
  • Meet deadlines & prevent delays
Organize multiple projects in a single view

Manage Teams’ Workload Across All Projects

Balance the workload & progress as planned

Allocate resources based on priority projects and task

Successful portfolio management is all about optimum resource utilization. Break down projects into small tasks, so you know the resource requirement of each project. Analyze your teams’ bandwidth and accordingly assign work. Allocate resources based on priority projects and tasks. Manage the workload of your team members and let them work to their full potential.

Monitor Portfolio Progress

Keep track of where your portfolio is heading

A powerful portfolio management system helps you keep a constant check on how your projects and tasks are progressing. A single view to monitor project activities and progress ensures that nothing slips through your fingers. Set workflows for your projects and get a transparent view of your pending and completed tasks in Kanban, Gantt, or calendar modes. Keep an eye on who is working on what and analyze whether we are on time or behind schedule.

Get Rich Insights Into Portfolio Performance

Make data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions

To improve something, you need to measure it. Modern project and portfolio management software offer insightful reports that give a detailed account of project status, time spent on each task and project, and much more. Leverage this treasure trove of data to spot bottlenecks and fix them. Make informed decisions to bring your portfolio on track. Share these reports with internal and external stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Unlock key insights
  • Identify gaps & fix them
  • Share reports with a secure URL

Project Portfolio management Software Features

  • Single Dashboard Single Dashboard

    Plan, assign and manage multiple projects on a centralized dashboard. Set start and due dates and watch all projects progress on a single platform.

  • Shared Calendar Shared Calendar

    Use a shared calendar to plan all your tasks and sub-tasks and navigate conveniently through different projects.

  • AI-Powered Reports AI-Powered Reports

    Gain actionable insights into portfolio performance. Get a sneak peek into project summary, tasks, time spent on projects, and more.

  • Workflows Workflows

    Create workflows and segregate tasks as open, completed, or on hold. Give your teams a clear picture of what’s done and what’s pending.

  • Kanban & Gantt Chart Kanban & Gantt Chart

    Visualize milestones, track progress, and monitor your projects from start to finish.

  • Easy Collaboration Easy Collaboration

    Get real-time email notifications, give feedback via comments, and share files on the go.


  • Easy-to-use & offers everything for close activity monitoring of remote staff.
    "We immediately saw an increase in the number of progress reports on activities. Our main partners had up-to-date information and motivated them to learn more about specific project issues. Accountability has also improved for our implementation partners: Government, civil society, and international cooperation.”
    María Franco Avalos
    María Franco Avalos,

    Geographical Information Systems, Specialist, United Nations Development Program

  • Drastically reduced my invoicing time
    ProProfs project management system reduced my invoicing time from 1.5 hours to just about 25 minutes. It's super easy to manage projects, tasks, deadlines, clients - in a single place. Real money and time saver!"
    Stacey Berlin
    Stacey Berlin,

    TCR Marketing

  • Efficient and easy-to-use tool that both my creative team and my clients love to use!
    "I absolutely live by ProProfs Project. Its user interface is simple and I like being able to schedule my projects like I do it on a regular digital calendar. I love the fact that human support is just a call away whenever I want help.”
    Josh Latham
    Josh Latham

    Pxlvue Creative Imaging

ProProfs is a Recognized Leader in Project Management

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High Performance Mid Market
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Crozdesk Quality Choice
Crozdesk Trusted Vendor
High Performance Mid Market
Happiest User
Great User
Experience Award
American Business Award
High Performance Mid Market
Crozdesk Leader

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