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What Is Project Resource Planning Software?

Resource planning software is a business tool used to manage the human capital and schedule of an organization. With the help of the right resource planning tool, managers can allocate and match people with relevant skills to projects. You can check resource availability, calculate time spent by human resources on projects, and generate client invoices.

project planning software

Why Use Project Planning Software?

Allocate Resources Efficiently
Allocate Resources Efficiently

Use resource scheduling software to match your team members’ skill set proficiency with the right task. Easily distribute resources across all projects instead of deploying them only on high-priority projects.

View all task resources on one dashboard
Gain 360-Degree Visibility

Resource planning software consolidates all resource-related information in a centralized repository. You can view all your projects, tasks, available resources on one screen and make informed decisions.

Prioritize Important Projects with resource project planning tool
Prioritize Important Projects

Project Management tools such as the ProProfs Project allow you to prioritize important projects. You can simply use a star icon to mark the project as important and allow resource managers to plan everyone's day more effectively.

automate your day-to-day workflows with planning tool
Eliminate Long Spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets for data analysis and resource monitoring is time-consuming and prone to errors. With a resource planning tool, you can automate your day-to-day workflows and speed up your project delivery.

Improve planning with Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics

Smart reports and analytics can help your team with project management, as well as resource planning. Easily track project progress and generate time reports to calculate the amount of time spent on projects by individual human resources.

Integrate With Apps
Integrate With Your Favorite Apps

A resource scheduling tool can effortlessly integrate with business applications like sales CRM, email apps, calendar, and more. Manage resources across departments without leaving your favorite business tools.

Track All Your Resources in One Place

Keep a tab on costs, people & deliver projects effortlessly

ProProfs Project makes it easier for project managers to track resources, assign tasks, and ensure the right people are available for the right job. With our resource management software, you can assign different roles to your team members to control access and offer special permissions to track time, add clients, or access reports. Moreover, both in-house and remote team members can collaborate using task comments and discuss the availability of resources.

  • Assign tasks & sub-tasks
  • Set roles & permissions
  • Enable easy team collaboration
Track All Your Resources in One Place

Plan Ahead With Gantt Charts, Calendars, & Time Tracking

Track projects down to every minute & never miss a deadline

With a resource planning project management tool, you can keep your deadlines intact by setting due dates for each project. Plan tasks and subtasks with a shared calendar and see who is working on what. Project managers can view complete project timelines, visualize milestones, and track the progress of all projects with Gantt Charts. Whether your team members work from the office or home, you can use timesheets to monitor their productive hours.

  • Assign due dates & see who is working on what
  • View complete project timeline using Gantt Charts
  • Use timesheets to monitor individual hours

Do you wish to make the most of your business resources?

Use ProProfs Project to improve resource utilization & grow your business

Track Estimates, Billable Hours & Generate Invoices

Monitor the time spent on each task & never go over-budget

ProProfs Resource Scheduling Software gives you total control over your resource costs. You can easily create project estimates and allocate resources accordingly. Project managers can keep a tab on all additional project expenses for a smooth and painless client billing process. In addition to this, ProProfs Project allows you to generate branded invoices and share them with your customers anytime, anywhere.

  • Create project estimates
  • Keep a tab on all project expenses
  • Generate invoices for clients
Track Estimates, Billable Hours & Generate Invoices

Delightful Reports & Analytics

Monitor project budget & team performance on the go

Monitor project resources on go

Our resource planning software allows you to access presentation-ready reports to monitor project budget as well as team performance. You can access all project management features on the move with our user-friendly mobile apps available for both Android & iOS. Moreover, ProProfs Project takes client communication to a whole different level. You can add clients to projects and allow them to add comments, files, or share feedback.

  • Gauge team performance
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Keep clients updated

Features of Resource Planning Software

  • User-Friendly Dashboard
    User-Friendly Dashboard

    Track project progress and monitor your resources all from an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard.

  • Team Collab Img
    Team Collaboration

    Discuss resource availability and skills using task comments, and keep everyone informed through email notifications.

  • Time tracking
    Time Tracking

    Easily monitor the time spent by individual resources or teams on the assigned projects or tasks.

  • Kanban Board View
    Kanban Board View

    Visualize project tasks and view progress at a glance with the Kanban Board view.

  • Smart Reports
    Smart Reports

    Monitor project progress and gain in-depth insights into your team’s performance.

  • Generate Invoice
    Generate Invoices

    Automate your client billing process and generate project estimates and invoices for your clients.

Say Yes to Better Resource Planning With ProProfs Project.


  • Drastically reduced my invoicing time
    “ProProfs project management system reduced my invoicing time from 1.5 hours to just about 25 minutes. It’s super easy to manage projects, tasks, deadlines, clients - in a single place. Real money and time saver!”
    Stacey Berlin
    Stacey Berlin,

    TCR Marketing

  • Perfectly organized my projects in one hour!
    “ProProfs Project took my business from being a paperwork disaster to a perfectly organized machine in less than one hour! It’s extremely simple to use. Highly recommended.”
    Laurence Samuels,

    Owner of Broadstone Media

  • Efficient and easy-to-use tool that both my creative team and my clients love to use!
    “I absolutely live by ProProfs Project. Its user interface is simple and I like being able to schedule my projects like I do it on a regular digital calendar. I love the fact that human support is just a call away whenever I want help.”
    Josh Latham
    Josh Latham,

    Pxlvue Creative Imaging

  • It’s so clean, elegant and simple to use.
    “I have not seen another online project management program that is simple to use with a flawless interface and tons of features, such as collaboration, email notifications, automated invoicing, and so on. It just lets you keep track of projects and get things done.”
    Erik Florida,

    Freelance Designer

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Crozdesk Quality Choice
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American Business Award
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