• Manage multiple tasks under one roof
  • Allow teams to collaborate on tasks
  • Measure task progress & optimize performance
  • Gain useful insights & make strategic decisions
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What Is Task Management Software?

Task management software is a power-packed tool that provides you a centralized space to effectively manage, prioritize, and work on your tasks. It ensures that less time is spent organizing tasks on emails and more time is invested in doing the actual work.

With the right task management software, work is more streamlined, and teams are at their productive best.

Task management software

Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

Need of Task management software
Knock out Chaos

Constant emails, messages, and shoulder taps make task management cumbersome. Task management software centralizes all your tasks, allowing you to assign and manage them from a single location. It allows you to plan tasks, assign them to your team and track their progress in a hassle-free way.

Get Useful Insights
Get Useful Insights

An online task management system gives deep insights into the progress and status of tasks, time spent on tasks, conflicting milestones, and much more. Tap into this goldmine of information and make strategic decisions to improve team efficiency and fast-track work on tasks.

Maximize Productivity
Maximize Productivity

Productivity can take a hit when teams have too many tasks at hand but no clarity around which ones are more important. With online task management software, you can set priorities and task dependencies. Let your teams work on tasks that really matter and help them stay productive at work.

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Manage Multiple Tasks Under One Roof

Let no task fall through the cracks

Multiple tasks and tight deadlines can give you sleepless nights. Embrace online task management and watch your teams achieve more in less time. Bring all your tasks on a single dashboard and assign them to relevant teams. Set the start and due dates of all tasks with our project and task tracking tool. Create workflows and give each task or project a status - open, on hold, complete, or any other.

  • Assign tasks to teams
  • Set start & due dates of tasks
  • Stay on top of tasks with workflows
manage multiple task with task management tool

Allow Teams to Collaborate on Tasks

Keep your teams on the same page

improve team collaboration and task management

Effective collaboration brings the best out of teams. Our web-based task management system allows teams to discuss bottlenecks and get instant solutions. Share files with team members and ask for help right when you need it. Stay updated on task developments with real-time notifications. Give your teams a shared space to work in sync and let them give their best shot at the assigned tasks.

  • Give & get feedback on tasks
  • Share files on the go
  • Real-time notifications for quick updates

Measure Task Progress & Optimize Performance

Track task progress from start to finish

Visualize your tasks from inception to completion with Gantt Charts. Infuse clarity in the process by setting task priorities right. Get a transparent picture of which individual or group is working on which task. Monitor the pace of progress with our task management software. Ask your team to speed up if you anticipate delays in the project schedule.

  • Set task priorities for increased clarity
  • Monitor individual & team progress
  • Keep an eye on who is working on what
track team task performance with Gantt Chart

Gain Useful Insights & Make Strategic Decisions

Get a summary of task progress, status & timeline

View & track time spend on task

Check what your teams are up to, time spent on tasks, and your project's overall status with actionable reports. Gain insights into your active, completed, and on-hold tasks. Check how your tasks have progressed in a specific time period. Spot gaps and take steps to bridge them with our team task management software. Share reports with internal and external stakeholders with a click.

  • Track time spent on tasks
  • Identify gaps & fix them
  • Share reports with a click

How to Choose the Right Task Management Software?

task management software checklist
Ease of Use

Simplicity of use means your employees can start using the software immediately, without any special training. The project and task management software you choose should be easy to use for everyone, including those who do not have coding knowledge.

Unmatched Features
Unmatched Features

A tool is powerless without its features. While picking a web-based task management tool, ensure that it has the best-in-class features spanning all aspects of task management. From planning and assigning tasks to managing and tracking them, the tool’s features should help you do it all.

Genuine Pricing
Genuine Pricing

Remember that a higher price does not mean better performance. The price of a tool should be in sync with what it offers. Read reviews, compare features, and choose a tool that provides unparalleled value for the money you invest.

Features of Our Task Management Solution

  • Centralized Dashboard Centralized Dashboard

    Plan and assign tasks, track progress and estimate delivery dates from a single dashboard.

  • Gantt Charts Gantt Charts

    Get a visually-illustrated view of your tasks and see each task progress from start to finish.

  • Workflows Workflows

    Set task status as open, on-hold or complete. Create a custom workflow and give teams an exact picture of what needs to be done.

  • Real-Time Collaboration Real-Time Collaboration

    Allow your teams to work together and stay connected via task comments and file sharing. Keep your teams up to date with instant notifications.

  • Smart Reports Smart Reports

    Get a sneak-peek into task status and progress, time spent on each task, team performance, and much more.

  • Task Priorities Task Priorities

    Prioritize tasks with simple drag and drop and get work done faster.


María Franco Avalos
"ProProfs is easy-to-use and offers all the necessary features for close activity monitoring of remote staff."
María Franco Avalos,

Geographical Information Systems, Specialist, United Nations Development Program

Awards & Press

Leader: Happiest User Software Awards, Crozdesk
Leader: Happiest User Software Awards, Crozdesk
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Winner: High Performer Summer Awards, G2.com
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Winner: Great User Experience Award, CompareCamp
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Winner: Great User Experience, FinancesOnline
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Winner: Bronze Stevie, American Business Awards
Leader: Task Management Software Awards, Crozdesk
Leader: Task Management Software Awards, Crozdesk
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