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21 Best Task Management Software in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Best task management software

Are you searching for the best task management software for your business?

If yes, then you’ve landed at the right place!

Managing projects is certainly not a piece of cake. And when you’re managing them across departments, it can lead to chaos and confusion. Often, when team members are unclear about their task responsibilities, deadlines are missed, and quality is compromised. 

Sounds familiar?

So, the question is – how to manage tasks effectively and ensure their timely completion? 

Well, merely having a ‘bulletproof task management plan’ is not enough. Adopting an online project management software is what you need to bring transparency across projects and centralize all communication. It helps you keep track of your team’s workload, pending and completed tasks, and time spent on each task – all from a single dashboard. 

While managing tasks is challenging, what’s even more difficult is finding the right task management tool. But, fret not, as we are here to help you find a decent tool that perfectly fits your requirements. 

In this blog, we will look at the top 20 task management tools, their features, pricing, and much more. 

What is Task Management?

Task management refers to planning, scheduling, and prioritizing the tasks of a project to ensure timely completion. It involves organizing project tasks, delegating them to the right members, and setting task dependencies for a smooth-flowing project. With effective task management, you can track tasks as they progress and empower teams to accomplish them within the defined timelines. 

21 Best Task Management Tools

Choosing the best task management tool among a plethora of options available on the market is not easy. But, don’t worry! We have gone through hundreds of websites to collate a list of the top 20 tools so that you can manage tasks like a pro.

1. ProProfs Project

ProProfs project is a top task management software

ProProfs Project is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to manage tasks and track them right from planning to final completion. It is an easy-to-use tool with interactive project views like Gantt Charts and Kanban Boards that give a visual overview of all tasks-related activities and the teams working on them.

You can set workflows to segment your pending, to-do, and completed tasks so that your team always stays on the right track. The tool’s robust reporting capabilities allow you to monitor team performance and overall project progress for informed decision-making. You can even share these presentation-ready reports with clients and stakeholders instantly.

Key Features of ProProfs Project:

A. Task Scheduling

The tool lets you create tasks, assign resources, and define due dates for a crystal-clear project workflow. You can even prioritize tasks and set task dependencies with just a few clicks. Besides, you can manage all this for multiple projects from a single dashboard.  

B. Project Tracking Views

Project views such as Gantt chart, Kanban view, Calendar view, and List view offer faster access to project and task status. This means you don’t have to approach each team member to enquire about the same.

C. Team Collaboration

The tool offers a single platform for team communication and collaboration with features such as instant messaging and task comments. These features enable teams to discuss roadblocks instantly. Moreover, they can share files and get feedback on the go. 

D. Project Reports

Get data-driven reports within minutes to make better business outcomes a reality. The tool provides insightful analytics and reports to help you make informed business decisions.

E. Time Tracking

Time tracking features give insights into where your team is engaged and which tasks are taking up most of their time. This helps you manage your team and keep a constant check on their productivity. Also, time tracking enables you to get accurate billable and non-billable hours of employees for client invoicing.

F. Workflow Customization

An ideal tool allows you to customize your project workflow and keep track of what’s pending and what’s done. It even offers easy drag and drop functionality to move tasks across the dashboard.

G. Easy-to-use

ProProfs comes with an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and helps manage multiple tasks across projects and teams. The tool is easy to onboard and requires no specialized training. 

Pros  Cons
1. Simple tool with the capacity to manage multiple tasks across projects on one platform 1. Limited third-party integrations
2. Multiple project views for increased task visibility 2. Offers a short trial period of 15 days.

How affordable is ProProfs Project?

Basic plan starts from $2 per month for 1 user.

2. Asana

Asana is a task management tool

Asana is an easy-to-use task management tool that helps you manage projects regardless of where your team members are located. You can create project tasks and subtasks, assign resources, and define deadlines with just a couple of clicks. Also, you can set tasks as milestones to ensure that you achieve these milestones on time and deliver projects within the specified timeline.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and dashboards
  • Third-party integrations to support your team
  • Gantt chart and board view to track progress
Pros  Cons
1. Collaborative features to help team members discuss roadblocks instantly 1. Cannot assign multiple users to a task
2. An easy-to-use tool, apt for teams of all sizes 2. Not a great tool for handling complex projects

How affordable is Asana?

Basic plan starts from $2 per month for 1 user.

3. Jira

Jira is best task manager for software projects

Built for software development teams, Jira is a solid task management tool that helps manage projects from a single place. You can track issues and stay up to date with task progress at a glance. You can organize tasks and update their status as ‘To do’, ‘In progress’, and ‘Done’. Also, you can set up reminders and stay informed of approaching deadlines and complete your tasks on time.

Key Features of Jira:

  • Task prioritization to get work done faster
  • Create custom workflows to suit the project and team needs
  • Impressive third-party integrations
Pros  Cons
1.Sync all your work across multiple devices and manage projects on the go 1.Mobile application needs an upgrade
2.Get insghtful reports to track key task metrics 2.Limited file size upload that hampers file sharing

How affordable is Jira?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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4. Wrike

Wrike is a team task manager

Wrike is a feature-rich platform that supports agile project management and helps you get the job done faster. It is a versatile and flexible tool that allows you to scale your projects easily. You can derive on-the-spot project insights and monitor team performance. Also, you can gain full visibility into your tasks and adjust project workflows at any given time.

Key Features of Wrike:

  • Shareable dashboards to ease communication
  • Custom workflows for unique team needs
  • Real-time reports on project status
Pros  Cons
1. Offers a secure collaboration across different teams and departments 1. Can be difficult to navigate initially
2. Resource management to avoid overworked or underutilized resources 2.No note-taking feature to save important notes

How affordable is Wrike?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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5. Trello

Trello is one of the best online task management system

Trello is a Kanban-style platform that brings teams together and helps them work in collaboration. It lets you create tasks, allocate users, and define due dates, ensuring that no deadline slips through the cracks. With its project views, you can gain 360° visibility into your tasks and accomplish them within the defined timeline. Besides, its solid reporting capabilities provide much-needed insights into projects to help you stay one step ahead.

Key Features of Trello:

  • Drag and drop tasks to adjust workflow with ease
  • Task automation to offload time-consuming tasks
  • Progress meter checklist to track progress
Pros  Cons
You can add your tasks to the backlog for easy access 1. Lacks good features in the basic plan
2. Trello cards define task due dates, users, and brief 2. Can be difficult to set up project tasks for beginners

How affordable is Trello?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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6. ClickUp

ClickUp is a task tracking tool

ClickUp offers a better way to manage everything in one place. You can divide your tasks further into subtasks and gain full control to manage multiple tasks independently. Team members can collaborate to discuss ideas and resolve roadblocks instantly. Also, you can visualize your projects using multiple project views. Overall, the tool offers a robust platform to handle multiple tasks across projects at once.

Key Features of ClickUp:

  • Shareable screen recording for seamless communication
  • Create checklists within tasks
  • Different levels of priorities for tasks
Pros  Cons
1. You can set the custom status for easy project tracking 1. Lacks good reporting ability
2. Assign tasks to team members using accurate time tracking estimates 2. Can be difficult to onboard

How affordable is ClickUp?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

7. Airtable

Airtable is a task tracking and management tool

Airtable lets you centralize communication and help your projects move forward easily. It offers a space that provides easy access to any information related to a specific task within seconds. Also, you can organize tasks either by due dates or priority and view task status at a glance. Moreover, the tool’s customizable dashboard gives you full control of how tasks should appear.

Key Features of Airtable:

  • To-do list for managing tasks
  • Customize the interface with ease
  • Sync all project data across the organization
Pros  Cons
1.A unified view that shows all your completed tasks in one place 1.Third-party integrations are limited
2. Professionally-designed project templates to help you get started immediately 2.Steep learning curve

How affordable is Airtable?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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8. Monday.com

Monday is versatile task management system

Monday.com helps team members collaborate on multiple tasks with maximum efficiency. Its powerful project views allow team members, clients, and stakeholders to stay on the same page. This helps you track task progress and take corrective action immediately if needed. Also, you can save time with task automation by offloading tasks that do not require your expertise.

Key Features of Monday.com:

  • Time tracking to monitor team performance
  • Advanced automation for task management
  • Timeline, Gantt, and Calendar view
Pros  Cons
1. Flexible tool, apt for businesses across industries 1. Project reporting ability can be improved
2. Plan and track tasks and teams on one platform 2. Does not provide the best customer service

How affordable is Monday.com?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

9. Notion

Notion is a free task management software

Notion is a simple task management software that promises to manage your tasks however you want. It helps you organize tasks your way, making it the perfect fit for all your teams. You can plan, schedule, and visualize all your tasks in one place and keep everyone in the team updated on how your tasks are progressing from one stage to the next.

Key Features of Notion:

  • Collaborative workspaces for teams
  • Task comments for instant feedback
  • Smart notifications to stay informed about task progress
Pros  Cons
1. Shared project roadmap to manage multiple tasks 1. Not easily scalable
2. Store all project information in a secure database 2. Tool navigation needs improvement

How affordable is Notion?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

10. Plaky

Plaky is free task management software with all features you need to track your workflow. It offers an unlimited number of projects, tasks, files, and users, for free. 

Team collaboration becomes easier, with options to:

  • Subscribe to tasks, 
  • Add comments, 
  • Mention team members, and 
  • Add files to your tasks. 

Plaky lets you visually sort all the tasks with a Kanban or Table view and get notifications when there’s a new comment or a change to a task you’re subscribed to. There’s also an option to add importance via status labels to your tasks and choose the label color you prefer.

What’s more — you don’t have to start from scratch. Plaky offers plenty of free templates to choose from, divided into categories and suitable for different teams and industries, such as templates designed to help you manage the following:

  • A strategy plan
  • A social media calendar
  • Employee onboarding
  • Customer onboarding
  • A product roadmap
  • Bug tracking
  • A product launch

Key features of Plaky:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited users
Pros Cons
User-friendly interface Limited board views
All features you need to manage your project are completely free  No dashboard view

How affordable is Plaky?

The basic plan starts from $0 per month.

11. Basecamp

Basecamp is simple task management software

Basecamp is a solid team task management software that helps you collaborate with team members, ideate and discuss bottlenecks right away. You can create project workflows to set up tasks, allocate resources, and define due dates for each task. It is an easy-to-use platform that allows team members to work together towards your business goals. 

Key Features of Basecamp:

  • Check-in questions for team members
  • Message boards to connect with each other
  • Real-time group chats to hold discussions
Pros  Cons
1. Hill charts to monitor how the projects are moving forward 1. Insufficient customization options
2. Great tool to schedule and manage projects on the go 2.No time tracking available

How affordable is Basecamp?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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12. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is one of the best free task manager

Smartsheet is one of the top task management software. The tool helps you unlock team potential by providing a platform that enables seamless collaboration and keeps all your task schedules on track. You can automate routine and manual tasks, directing the team to focus on the work that really matters. Also, you can access tasks, files, and more from any device that you are working on.

Key Features of Smartsheet:

  • Resource management for best resource optimization
  • Easily organize and access digital assets
  • Grid, card, calendar, and Gantt views to track progress
Pros  Cons
1. You can set up Gantt charts with task dependencies 1. Does not have a very user-friendly interface
2. Powerful integrations with third-party apps 2. Need better task alerts and notifications

How affordable is Smartsheet?

Basic plan starts from $7 per month for 1 user.

13. Teamwork

Teamwork is task tracking tool

Teamwork is a next-level team task management software that has everything you require to handle tasks and teams in one place. It offers a space that you can tailor to match how your teams work. You can plan resource workload and stay on track throughout the project. Also, its workload management capabilities allow you to plan and manage individual and team tasks with ease.

Key Features of Teamwork:

  • Time tracking ability to track team efficiency
  • Task automation to offload recurring tasks
  • Hassle-free invoicing for client billing
Pros  Cons
1.Get quick reports on task status 1.Project visualization is not very impressive
2.Break down tasks into subtasks for easy management 2.Better collaboration features can be incorporated

How affordable is Teamwork?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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14. Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24 is a simple online task management system

Bitrix24 is a free task management software for online project management. It helps you take control of your tasks and achieve more in less time and effort. You can plan, create, and delegate tasks within seconds. Also, you can create subtasks and sort them by importance to enable easier navigation. Its Deadline mode lets you grasp which tasks need immediate attention.

Key Features of Bitrix24 :

  • Chat, HD video calls, and screen sharing for team collaboration
  • Real-time task reminders to stay up-to-date with task progress
  • List view, Gantt chart, and Kanban board to view progress
Pros  Cons
1. Get a task status summary to always stay updated 1. User interface needs enhancement
2. The tool’s Tags feature helps you quickly search a specific task 2. the Mobile app is not very user-friendly

How affordable is Bitrix24?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

15. Todoist

Todoist is a personal task management software

Todoist, one of the best task management tools, helps connect the dots for your teams for successful project delivery. Its interactive dashboard lets you capture tasks and organize them using sections and subtasks within seconds. This enables you to track your tasks in real-time and hit your targets sooner. Also, you can set priority levels for tasks and delegate work immediately.

Key Features of Todoist:

  • Alerts and notifications for real-time progress
  • Kanban-style cards to overview progress
  • Filters to view tasks according to due dates, project, and assignee
Pros  Cons
1. Organize and track tasks from anywhere and anytime 1. Needs a better mobile application
2. You can add tasks via email and attach comments, files, and voice notes 2. More integrations can be added

How affordable is Todoist?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

16. Quire

Quire is a task management platform

Quire provides a platform to streamline tasks and make any project a success. This task management software is perfect for getting a holistic view of all your tasks without approaching each team member individually for status updates. Its project view gives you a comprehensive view of which tasks are under progress and which tasks have been completed.

Key Features of Quire:

  • Upload or share a file from Google Drive with team members
  • Instant messages for team communication
  • Sort tasks according to assignee, priority, and much more
Pros  Cons
1. Smart folders for easy task review and organization 1. Lacks useful third-party integration
2. Mark a task as ‘Favourite’ or ‘Follow’ it to stay updated on the go 2. Does not have a very intuitive interface

How affordable is Quire?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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17. Chanty

Chanty is best in managing tasks

Chanty, a task management software for small businesses, lets you manage tasks and reach your big picture goals on time and within budget. It allows you to set a task as ‘done’ or ‘undone’. You can even re-assign a task to the team member or click on the ‘discuss’ option to go to a task-related conversation. Also, you can address roadblocks instantly using one-on-one and group video calls.

Key Features of Chanty:

  • Screen sharing and voice messages to connect with team members
  • Pin important messages for easy access
  • @mentions to loop members in a conversation
Pros  Cons
1.’Teambook’ to organize and manage multiple tasks across projects 1. Poor project views
2. Rich collaborative features such as voice messages, audio, and video calls 2. Lacks advanced customization options

How affordable is Chanty?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

18. Taskworld

Taskworld is a online task planner

Taskworld is undoubtedly one of the best task management tools out there. It empowers your teams to create, manage, and deliver tasks successfully. You can set assignees to all your tasks with just a few clicks. You can even set followers for the same to provide up-to-date information about task completion. Also, its collaboration features let you connect with clients to coordinate interactions and review progress with ease.

Key Features of Taskworld:

  • Task activity log to track team performance
  • Seamless file sharing and attachments
  • Set task dependencies within seconds
Pros  Cons
1. Interactive views such as List, Gantt, Kanban, Calendar, and Table view 1. Frequent lagging issues
2. Easy to onboard and navigate for teams of all sizes 2. Lacks in-depth task reporting

How affordable is Taskworld?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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19. MeisterTask

Meistertask is one of the best task management app

MeisterTask provides a platform where you can bring your teams together to enjoy smarter collaboration. The tool gives a clear overview of everything on your plate, whether it’s managing tasks, resources, or deadlines. With its intuitive interface, you can monitor progress and optimize the task workflow to roll out projects faster. Besides, you can automate a lot of your tasks for better team efficiency.

Key Features of MeisterTask:

  • Customizable project boards for easy task management
  • Multiple checklists for tasks
  • Team-wide project sharing to discuss and deliver tasks on time
Pros  Cons
1. Organize and track tasks across teams with ease 1. Limited reporting capabilities
2. Fully customizable dashboard to alter workflows within seconds 2. Can get glitchy occasionally

How affordable is MeisterTask?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

20. nTask

nTask manages task in simple easy way

nTask, one of the best task management software for teams, helps you create tasks, allocate resources, set deadlines, and adjust workflows on the fly. You can define due dates for tasks and track progress in real-time using Gantt charts and Kanban views. Also, you can use task comments to discuss tasks and give feedback instantly. Moreover, the tool lets you prioritize tasks and get things done on time.

Key Features of nTask:

  • Time tracking to gain insights into team activity 
  • Set subtasks and task dependencies
  • Unlimited tasks and workspaces
Pros  Cons
1. Simple and intuitive user experience 1. It can be hard to configure for beginners
2. Task progress graphs for easy visualization 2. Customer support is not satisfactory

How affordable is nTask?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

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21. Podio

Podio helps in managing task better way

Podio is an excellent task tracking software that helps you simplify your project workflow. It lets you manage people, projects, and processes, all from one dashboard. Podio enables you to create a dedicated workspace to organize your project information in a central location. Depending on your project needs, you can set these workspaces as open or private.

Key Features of Podio:

  • Integration with third-party applications
  • Status posts to stay up-to-date
  • Task prioritization and scheduler
Pros  Cons
1. Awesome project and task customization options 1. Does not offer a mobile-friendly application
2. Useful collaboration features such as chat, file sharing. and more 2. It’s difficult to share task information with clients and stakeholders

How affordable is Podio?

Basic plan starts from $0 per month.

Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

It’s not surprising that 97% of companies think that project management is essential to team performance and company growth.

Still not convinced why you need task management software?

Well, here’s why!

The best online task management tool offers the following benefits.

  • It helps you manage all your project tasks across teams on one platform
  • It breaks down a large and complex project into manageable tasks
  • It offers easy task organization, resource allocation, and scheduling 
  • It provides real-time alerts and notifications to stay updated and track task status on the go.

How to Choose the Best Task Tracking Software?

An ideal task tracking software offers everything you need to manage and track tasks on the move. Depending on your unique project and team needs, you can choose a tool that fulfills your requirements.

Here are the criteria that can help you to choose the best tool for:

A Team:

  • Effortless task scheduling ability
  • Features for seamless team collaboration
  • Accurate time tracking to monitor team performance
  • Views to track project progress

An Individual:

  • Easy task scheduling and customization
  • Advanced automation to offload time-consuming and recurring tasks
  • Interactive project views and reports to track project progress
  • A tool that’s easy to onboard and navigate

Comparison of the Best Task Tracking Software:


Price (starting price/per user/month)

Task management

Time Tracking

Project Reports

Collaboration features

Project Views

Workflow Customization

ProProfs Project $2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asana $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jira $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wrike $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trello $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ClickUp $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Airtable $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monday.com $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Notion $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Plaky $0 Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Basecamp $7 Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
SmartSheet $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teamwork $0 Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Bitrix24 $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Todoist $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quire $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chanty $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Taskworld $0 Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
MeisterTask $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
nTask $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Podio $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Drive Successful Projects With a Robust Task Management Software

The best task management software eases overall project management and enables better team efficiency and productivity. By creating a crystal-clear project workflow of scheduled tasks, it makes room for achieving more in less time.

So when you finally sit down to select a task management software for your business, jot down the key requirements depending on your project and team needs. Each tool offers something unique, so go for a tool that works best for you.

If you’re still not convinced on one tool for your task management requirements, then you can try ProProfs Project. It offers a complete solution for managing tasks. Its impressive time tracking, reporting, and collaborative features can prove to be game-changing for managing tasks. 

But, if you’re looking for a tool specifically for software teams, Jira might fit the bill. On the other hand, you can opt for Notion if you need a free tool to organize and manage your tasks.

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