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What Is Gantt Chart Maker?

Gantt Chart Maker is a software that provides an easy way to schedule, manage, and track projects on a centralized dashboard. It uses horizontal bar charts to give a graphical and visual display of tasks, sub-tasks, and timelines, along with how much work is completed and how much still needs to be done.

Designed mainly for complex projects and large teams, this software helps you monitor project paths, track project progress, and analyze team workload - all from a single place.

Why Should You Use Gantt Chart?

Planning and managing projects is not a piece of cake. With a lot happening simultaneously, it gets difficult to keep track of tasks and their progress. Gantt Chart software is a useful tool to plan and schedule projects and lead them to a successful completion. Here are some of the key benefits it provides.

Manage project Time & Resources
Manage Your Time & Resources

Using Gantt Chart in project management is a good way to manage time and resources. Gantt Charts helps you keep an eye on what your team members are working on and how much time is going into each task. With a clear view of your team’s workload, you can delegate work and align resources in a better way.

Priorities project activities
Stay on Top of Project Activities

An online Gantt Chart creator presents a unified and visual view of all project activities. There is a single dashboard where you can track tasks, sub-tasks, progress made, task owner, and much more. No switching tabs when you have a centralized dashboard that keeps you informed of project developments.

Improve team communication & collaboration
Boost Collaboration & Communication

Managing multiple projects and tasks together requires smooth collaboration and communication. Modern Gantt Chart tools are equipped with features that allow employees to give and get feedback on tasks, share files, and discuss bottlenecks on the go. Such tools also provide real-time notifications, keeping everyone on the same page.

prioritize tasks and manage deadlines
Track Progress & Manage Deadlines

While you are busy working on tasks, Gantt Chart Maker shows where exactly you are heading. It gives a visual illustration of how much a task or project has progressed since the start. This helps you prioritize tasks that are way behind schedule, realign resources, and manage deadlines.

Manage task dependencies
Check Dependent Tasks

Large and complex projects usually have a long list of tasks that should be managed well for timely delivery. Some tasks are dependent on one another, which makes it difficult to manage them. Gantt Chart Maker gives a clear picture of which tasks are dependent on others so you can plan them in a way that the overall progress is not hampered.

Use Gantt chart for see bigger picture
See the Bigger Picture

It’s easy to get swayed by the daily tasks and lose track of the larger picture when working on projects. A powerful Gantt Chart creator comes with a built-in reporting system that offers rich insights into the project and team performance. You can check project status, identify bottlenecks, bridge gaps and ensure overall project success.

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Manage Projects & Monitor Progress

Plan, schedule & execute without hassles

Plan and schedule projects, monitor and execute them seamlessly with Gantt Chart Maker. Divide projects into tasks and sub-tasks, assign them to teams and keep a constant check on who is working on what. Make adjustments in tasks and move progress bars with simple drag and drop. Gain a quick glance at project activities and stay on top of any changes.

  • tick Training tick Assign tasks & subtasks
  • tick Training tick Check who is working on what
  • tick Training tick Drag & drop tasks as needed
allocate and track task with Gantt chart creator

Visualize Milestones & Meet Deadlines

Drag timelines to set start & due dates in the Gantt view
Visualize milestones with online Gantt Chart maker

Visualize milestones and get a clear view of the path your project takes with online Gantt Chart maker. Just drag a timeline to set start and due dates. View all tasks from initiation through to completion in one place. Set task dependency and let your team know which tasks need to be finished first before moving on to the next.

  • tick Training tick Visualize due dates & never miss any
  • tick Training tick Drag timeline to set start & due dates
  • tick Training tick Set task dependency

Easily Manage Workload & Get More Done

Analyze bandwidth & reallocate resources accordingly

Check the availability and bandwidth of team members and assign tasks accordingly. See how much work team members have on their plates and reassign or reschedule tasks accordingly. Use Gantt Chart software to get a bird’s-eye view of task status, team workload, and task owners on a common platform.

  • tick Training tick Reassign or reschedule tasks
  • tick Training tick Carefully manage team’s workload
  • tick Training tick Check who is doing what
Analyze & reallocate project resources

Unlock Insights with our free online Gantt chart maker

Generate delightful project, time spent, & task reports
Visualize milestones with online Gantt Chart maker

Gain meaningful insights into project performance with our simple Gantt Chart Maker. Track time spent on projects, progress made so far, and know who is working on what. Identify gaps and bridge them by making informed decisions. Share reports with employees and clients using a secure URL.

  • tick Training tick Track project status & progress
  • tick Training tick Share reports with teams & clients
  • tick Training tick Make strategic, data-backed decisions

Who Uses Gantt Chart Maker?

Gantt Chart Maker is used by companies across industries - Information Technology, Marketing, Human Resources, and many more. From CEOs and general managers to department heads, team leads, and team members - Gantt Chart Maker is engineered for employees at all levels.

Priorities project activities
Human Resources

HR managers are the people who are never at their workstations. They juggle multiple tasks at once, which impacts their productivity at work. With Gantt Chart Maker, they can plan, manage and track HR tasks on a common platform. Moreover, they can streamline the HR process and keep track of their team’s performance with the tool’s reporting capabilities.

Priorities project activities

Every successful marketing campaign starts with a powerful plan. With Gantt Chart Maker, marketing teams can visualize the marketing plan, manage multiple campaigns and track them from initiation through to completion. They can collaborate with other departments - design, sales, and product, discuss marketing ideas and successfully execute campaigns.

Improve team communication & collaboration
Information Technology

A lot of back and forth happens while working on IT projects. IT managers can use Gantt Chart Maker to create a roadmap for projects, create tasks for team members, and track their progress. With automated invoice generation, IT teams can manage bills and share them instantly with clients. This way, they can focus on the work that matters and let the software handle the billing part.

Gantt Chart Maker Features

  • One Dashboard View
    Single Dashboard View

    View project status, track work progress, and set project start and end dates on a single platform.

  • Time Tracking
    Time Tracking

    Monitor team performance and track time spent by individuals on each task easily with Gantt chart creator.

  • Team Collaboration
    Team Collaboration

    Share feedback using task comments and stay informed via email notifications with our robust Gantt chart maker.

  • Task Management
    Task Management

    Assign and automate tasks to know where your projects stand with online Gantt chart software.

  • Insightful Reports
    Insightful Reports

    Generate detailed reports and monitor team performance easily with our online Gantt chart creator.

  • Invoice Generation
    Invoice Generation

    Calculate accurate billable hours, store invoice on a single platform, and share with just a click.

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