UNDP works in nearly 170 countries with the purpose of poverty eradication. It helps countries develop institutional capabilities, partnering abilities, leadership skills, etc. for sustainable development. In September 2015, world leaders decided to focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to wipe out poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace & prosperity. UNDP has collaborated with Mexico for more than 50 years and reaffirms its interest in creating strategic partnerships with the emerging economies in search of synergies between their work and our mission and mandate.



We needed to make a national system for follow-up and monitoring of activities, implemented by staff in the PA field. We also needed a solution that would allow visualization of the progress of activities in real-time and detect the evidence's correct storage.


We started using ProProfs Project and created a system of follow-up and monitoring at the national level, guaranteeing the adequate storage of project information. We generated reports for different decision-makers. It was easier than we thought to build the mechanisms for the presentation of project results and highlight the fulfillment of the goals achieved.


With ProProfs Project, we immediately saw an increase in the number of progress reports on activities. We also noted that our main partners had up-to-date information and motivated them to learn more about specific project issues. Major advantages we've noticed are:

  • Field staff is now keeping a better record and control of their activities
  • Improved communication
  • Easier development of activity logs

Accountability is also improved on a monthly basis for our implementation partners: Government, Civil society, and International cooperation.

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