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What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is an all-in-one solution to all your project management needs, right from planning to execution, and completion. An online project management tool also lets you collaborate with your team on the go to keep everyone on the same page. Easily share task feedback, generate insightful reports, and take your next action from a single dashboard to drive your projects to success.

Works Great for All Project Management Needs

Customize ProProfs Project to suit your industry-specific needs

ProProfs offers all you need to streamline your team communication easily. Give feedback using task comments, stay informed regarding project updates with email notifications, plan projects with teams using a shared calendar, and share files on the go with online project management software.

Intuitive Dashboard Views

Switch between List, Gantt, Kanban, & Calendar views

ProProfs lets you change the look and feel of how tasks list in a few exciting ways. For example, the calendar view that gives you the flexibility to manage timelines by simply stretching them. Gantt chart view that allows you to get a clear view of tasks and subtasks along with their timelines for a month, week, and even a quarter. Use Kanban to visualize tasks as columns and cards. The most-used, List or Classic view gets you a high-level view of all your tasks.

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    List view for a bird’s-eye view of everything

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    Gantt charts to cascade tasks

  • tick ProProfs project tick

    Kanban for a drag & drop experience

  • tick ProProfs project tick

    Calendar for the scheduler you

List view for a bird’s-eye view of everything arrow
List view for a bird’s-eye view of everything
Gantt charts to cascade tasks arrow
Gantt charts to cascade tasks
Kanban for a drag & drop experience arrow
Kanban for a drag & drop experience
Calendar for the scheduler you arrow
Calendar for the scheduler you

Collaborate & Get Things Done, Delightfully!

Switch between List, Gantt, Kanban, & Calendar views

Keep both in-house and remote teams on the same page with a powerful dashboard. ProProfs online project management system promises effective collaboration by streamlining communication across departments. Enjoy timely notifications and stay updated about the latest developments & covered milestones. With Task comments, witness a smooth exchange of information and avoid messy email threads.

  • Collaborate with your team in one place
  • Stay updated with real-time notifications
  • Avoid messy email threads with comments
  • Bring teams on a single dashboard
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Set Deadlines, Track Progress & Prioritize Projects

Prioritize your projects and never miss a deadline

Keep your deadlines intact by setting due dates for each project. Divide large tasks into subtasks to make the execution easier & error-free. Drag & drop projects for an ideal prioritization and track their progress with our easy-to-use project management software available for both Android & iOS. Receive updates in real-time with quick email alerts.

  • Set project start & end dates
  • Prioritize projects with a drag & drop
  • Track project progress with mobile app
  • Receive real-time updates
Set Deadlines, Track Progress & Prioritize Projects

Discussions & Sharing

Communicate seamlessly with file sharing & task comments

Share project files easily and connect our project management online tool with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. to make communication within teams seamless. Leave feedback using task comments and discuss bottlenecks right there. Collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere, with threaded replies.

  • Share project files on the go
  • Connect with G-Drive, Dropbox & Box
  • Leave task comments & discuss roadblocks
  • Join discussions anytime, anywhere

Track Time, Clients & Invoices

Manage billable & non-billable hours for smooth client billing

Calculate billable & non-billable hours effortlessly with timers. Our web-based project management software lets you create timesheets to keep the record of how much time is spent on each project. With automated invoicing, make client billing painless. Also, add your brand touch to each invoice by exploring customization options.

  • Track time easily
  • Set up timesheets for each team member
  • Generate accurate invoices on the go
  • Customize your bills in no time
Track Time, Clients & Invoices
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Delightful Reports & Analytics

Generate delightful project reports with powerful analytics
Delightful Reports & Analytics

ProProfs Project enables you to generate delightful reports by offering powerful analytics. Reports include a summary of your project status, a breakdown of tasks, and when they are due, along with Gantt Charts and financial summaries. You can also share reports with external stakeholders with a secure URL.

  • Generate presentation-ready reports
  • Keep all stakeholders updated
  • Get timeline reports for each task
  • Make project progress transparent

All Your Projects, in One Glance

Track all your projects on a single dashboard

Take one look at your projects page and see all of your projects as they happen. See the status, progress, how much time has been spent, whether your team has questions on anything – all in one quick glance with our simple project management software.

  • Access projects in a single view
  • Add users to any project in no time
  • Drag & drop projects to prioritize
  • Access anywhere, anytime

Assign Tasks to Your Team Members

Manage the project flow by assigning tasks effectively

Assign primary and secondary tasks properly to your project team for enhanced workflow. Enjoy seamless file sharing and have meaningful conversations with your project team by using ProProfs Project, easy to use project management software that promises a delightful user experience.

  • Assign & manage tasks easily
  • Plan with a shared calendar
  • Prioritize tasks & reallocate resources
  • Collaborate to deliver projects faster
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Assign Tasks to Your Team Members

Single Dashboard

See & track all your projects as a bird’s-eye view. Plan & schedule tasks, assign resources, and define priorities with ease.

Accurate Time Tracking

Track billable hours on projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. Improve delivery & budget estimates over time.

Ready-to-Use Templates

Get started quickly with expert-designed templates for various use cases, such as bug-tracking, project scheduling, and so on.

Real-Time Notifications

Remain informed on the go with instant email notifications about assignments, task updates, and due dates.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Leave feedback as task comments. Tag @users to trigger personalized notifications and attach ready designs, docs, and links.

Gantt, Kanban & Calendar Views

Visualize project progress using intuitive views like Gantt, Kanban, and Calendar, and switch to the one you like most.

Smart Project Reports

Access presentation-ready reports on project progress, team performance, project expenditure, and more.

Invoice Generation

Automate your client billing process. Generate hassle-free invoices and customized reports using various filters.

Effortless Customization

Customize project dashboards to suit evolving project needs. Use our drag-and-drop workflow builder to create unique dashboards.

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    Professor Daniel Stein

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    Bill Wisell

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