Pxlvue is a boutique post-production studio supporting the busy photographer. We specialize in RAW to JPG editing & rendering, color correction, white balance & exposure adjustment, enhancements, stylizing, creative cropping, culling, noise reduction, synchronization, and customer satisfaction.



My main challenge was to reduce the time I spent in tracking my shoots and notifying clients manually. I was looking for a simple project management tool that allowed me to set up calendarized timelines for my shoots. Something very simple that enabled me to generate invoices with automated email notifications.


I absolutely live by ProProfs Project. It’s an efficient and easy to use project management system that both my creative team and my clients love to use. Its user interface is simple and I like being able to schedule my projects like I do it on a regular digital calendar. I love the fact that human support is just a call away whenever I want help.


I’ve been able to stay organized and on top of my daily schedule because of ProProfs. I recommend this to every photographer out there, but anyone who needs a highly organized yet simple to use project management system.

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