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Are You Ready for the New Year?

New year goal setting

For many people, the New Year heralds in the start of new beginnings, the chance to make changes to life, relationships and work. However, many return, and nothing has changed, they continue just as they left off.

It’s important to feel refreshed when getting back into a project, whatever that project is, as a clear and uncluttered mind can help to ensure things get finished quickly. The Christmas break is a good time to get refreshed and think about the year ahead, but without action, you’ll quickly end up back in the old routines.

So what can be done to make sure this doesn’t happen? How can you be motivated to make sure you get everything done on your task list? Assuming you made one…

Step One – Set Your Goals

Well, of course, the best thing to do to make sure you have a chance of getting things done, is to create a list of goals. However, too many people make the mistake of having too many goals. In his book “:59 Seconds”, Professor Richard Wiseman says that you should just choose one primary goal and stick to it.

You can of course make it huge and audatious. It can be big, it can difficult but you’ll have a better chance of achieving it if there’s just the one.

Step Two – Be specific

Vague plans fail. If you plan to “go swimming twice a week” then, you might not make it. If you decide swim twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the gym, you’ve psychologically planned ahead.

Step Three – Write down your tasks/goals

Although you should only have one main goal, it’s good to write it down together with your smaller plans for the year. My personal choice is to write them on paper and then when I achieve the goal, I can just scribble it off. There’s a particular psychological joy in doing it!

Step Four – Tell people

Friends and family are superb at helping you achieve your goals if you tell them what you plan to do. They’re a constant reminder every time that you meet that you are making changes.

Step Five – Focus on the good

This is probably the most important step. If you plan to stop procrastinating then don’t dwell on it every time you open up your laptop. If you find yourself surfing the web instead of getting work done then don’t beat yourself up. Just stop for a second and think how good life would be if you only cracked on with the job at hand.

Above all – do it!

Your work life will be enhanced immeasurably if you make sure your home life is working well for you. Your goals for 2015 can be the catalyst that helps you propel your business life to new horizons and bring you new abundance in work as well as pleasure. Don’t squander this chance to make a change, do it now!

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