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11 Goal Setting and Tracking Software to Accomplish Your Objectives

Goal tracking software

Looking for the best goal tracking software to effortlessly track and achieve your goals in 2024?

Well, we know the hustle of trying to figure out which software to onboard that will help accomplish goals and get the best bang for your buck.

Undeniably, chasing goals across multiple projects can be puzzling, and often chaotic. You may encounter confusing workflows, overlapping deadlines, and forgotten goals, which might lead to project failure.

So how do you make sure that you achieve your goals on time?

Now, this is where goal tracking software comes in handy.  Such a tool helps set goals on a platform from where it is easily accessible to follow up on the project progress. An ideal tool offers clarity into project goals, aiding in tracking these goals through multiple views and real-time alerts and notifications.

In this blog, we will look at 10 goal tracking apps that you can choose from to enable smart goal-setting and ultimately, successful project delivery.

A Quick Look at Top Goal Tracking Software & Their Key Features


Key Features


ProProfs Project

  • AI-powered reports and analytics
  • Automation capabilities for recurring tasks
  • Gantt charts, Kanban boards, List view
  • Time tracking
  • Instant messaging and task comments
  • Essentials - $2/user/month
  • Premium - $4/user/month


  • Trello board, lists & cards
  • Unlimited activity log
  • Automation capabilities
  • Custom fields
  • Organization visible boards
  • Free - $0
  • Standard - $6/user/month
  • Premium - $12.50/user/month
  • Enterprise - $17.50/user/month


  • To-do list
  • Task reordering
  • Task customization
  • Task alerts & reminders
  • Group chat
  • Group Plan: $9/month + $3/member


  • Goal setting and management
  • OKR dashboards
  • OKR reports
  • Achievement sharing
  • Status reporting
  • Free - $0 (upto 3 users)
  • Premium - Available on request


  • Workflow automation
  • Seamless third-party integration
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Insightful project reports
  • Professionally-designed templates
  • Free Forever - $0
  • Unlimited - $5/user/month
  • Business - $12/user/month
  • Business Plus - $19/user/month
  • Enterprise – Get in touch with the company for a quote.


  • Four tracking views
  • Real-time task reminders
  • Progress reports
  • Goal setting
  • Unlimited goals and habits
  • Free - $0
  • Strides Plus - $4.99/month


  • Goal dashboard
  • Multi-level subgoals
  • Time tracking
  • Progress tracking
  • Reports and charts
  • $68/user/year


  • Habit tracking
  • Milestone tracking
  • mobile-friendly
  • In-app messaging
  • Custom task reminders
  • Reports and charts
  • Free - $0

Way of Life

  • Real-time reminders
  • Chart visualization
  • Color-coded system
  • In-app notes
  • Short learning curve
  • Free - $0

Joe’s Goals

  • Advanced custom checklist
  • App logbook
  • To-do list
  • Unlimited goals
  • Daily score
  • Free - $0


  • Customized project charts
  • Pie chart and bar chart
  • Drop-down tags
  • Mobile, laptop 7 desktop access
  • UI customization
  • ATracker - $0
  • ATracker Pro - $4.99 (one time cost)
  • Premium - $2.99/month

What is Goal Tracking?

Goal tracking refers to tracking progress towards accomplishing your goals. It allows you to visualize daily project status and track tasks and milestones hassle-free. With effective goal tracking, you can ensure maximum individual efficiency coupled with enhanced team productivity, leading to sure-shot successful project delivery.

List of Best Software For Goal Tracking

Here is a list of the best goal tracking apps that promise effective goal setting and tracking.

Let’s explore.

1. ProProfs Project

Proprofs project is a goal tracking software

ProProfs Project is your one-stop shop to track goals and deliver projects on time. With its interactive project views i.e. Gantt charts, Kanban boards, List view, and more, you can keep a tab of every project task and activity effortlessly. You can create tasks, assign resources, and define deadlines that help set a crystal clear project execution path. This helps team members stay in the loop and track individual and team progress right from the tool’s intuitive dashboard. Moreover, the tool offers weekly, monthly, and yearly AI-powered reports that further help get an overview of how close you are to achieving your goals within the set timeline and scope.


  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Actionable reports and analytics
  • Automation capabilities for recurring tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Instant messaging and task comments
  • Seamless file sharing 
  • Multiple project views


Starts at $39.97/month.

What we liked: Its interactive project views help monitor goals and team performance at a glance.

What could be better: Its integration with third-party applications.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the goal tracking software

Trello is a free goal tracking software that allows you to access big-picture metrics within seconds. With Trello board, lists, and cards, you can manage and organize project tasks and activities for easy access to entire project data. You can customize workflows to complement each project’s goals. The tool’s views such as dashboard, timeline, and calendar display real-time project status that helps gather relevant information related to projects, enabling hassle-free goal tracking.


  • Trello board, lists, cards
  • Advanced checklists
  • Built-in automation
  • Custom fields
  • Priority support


Free – $0

Standard – $6/user/month

Premium – $12.50/user/month

Enterprise – $17.50/user/month

What we liked: managing and tracking tasks is a breeze.

What could be better: Gantt charts should be offered.

3. Habitica

Habitica is goal tracking software

Want to have fun while tracking goals and achieving them? Go for Habitica! The tool is a habit-building app that helps you achieve your daily goals on time. This productivity app offers in-game rewards and punishments to help you stay accountable and motivated to perform better. It also provides you with a social network to keep you inspired. Its fully customizable task list lets you reorder tasks to integrate your individual goals.


  • To-do list
  • Task filtration
  • Task editing
  • Task reminders
  • Group chat


Group Plan: $9/month + $3/member

What we liked: The task reminders help stay on track throughout the project’s life cycle.

What could be better: Occasional bugs.

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4. Weekdone

Weekdone is an online goal tracker

Weekdone is an online goal tracker that aids in achieving goals faster. It lets you create company objectives and define a path that will lead to the successful completion of the project. You can set weekly plans and accomplish them within the week, helping you stay on track to achieving overall project goals on time. The tool’s data visualization begets a clear overview of OKRs at a glance, ensuring you are always in the know of how your projects are moving forward.


  • OKR dashboards
  • OKR reports
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Status reporting
  • Public feedback and recognition


Free – $0 (upto 3 users)

Premium – Available on request

What we liked: The OKR dashboards are excellent to achieve goals as expected.

What could be better: Third-party integrations.

5. ClickUp

ClickUp is a goal setting software

ClickUp is an all-encompassing project management software that makes it easy to incorporate goals into a broader project workflow. ClickUp’s Goals feature helps you maximize your efficiency and target your effort by tying larger projects to specific tasks, automatically tracking your progress towards delivery. While offering all the features you expect from a robust project management tool, ClickUp still manages to maintain a visual simplicity that takes the headache out of goal tracking, allowing you to focus instead on the tasks at hand.


  • Flexible Hierarchy structure
  • Task-oriented goal management
  • Workflow automation
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Team collaboration
  • Customizable notifications and reminders


Free Forever – $0

Unlimited – $5/user/month

Business – $12/user/month

Business Plus – $19/user/month

Enterprise – Custom quotes on request

What we liked: Goals are easy to create and manage.

What could be better: ClickUp’s Goals feature offers less customization than its standard Dashboards.

6. Strides

Strides is goal tracking app

Goal-setting becomes a cakewalk with Strides, a flexible goal tracking software. It powers your team with task organization and task tracking features, ensuring that you never miss a goal again. You can set reminders for each task of the project. Equipped with four unique tracker types – Habit, Target, Average,and Project, you can keep a check on how your project is progressing at any given time. The tool’s charts and progress report further help in achieving set goals timely.


  • Multiple tracker types
  • Flexible task reminders
  • Progress reports
  • Goal setting and goal notes
  • Unlimited goals and habits


Free – $0

Strides Plus – $4.99/month

What we liked: The multiple tracker types are incredible for tracking goals throughout the project.

What could be better: User interface.

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7. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is a goal tracker app

GoalsOnTrack is a goal management software that helps set SMART goals and conquer them on time. With its intuitive goal dashboard, you can instantly gather what everyone is doing and adjust project workflow if need be. You can break down long-term goals into sub-goals or important milestones, ensuring on-time completion of project tasks and activities without a hitch. Also, you can drag and drop tasks and alter your calendar with ease.


  • Goal dashboard
  • Multi-level subgoals
  • Time and habit tracking
  • Vision board
  • Reports and charts



What we liked: Its milestone visualization ability helps manage tasks and achieve goals faster.

What could be better: Third-party integrations.

8. Coach.me

Coach.me is a habit tracking app

Coach.me is one of the best goal setting apps. It is apt for fostering a goal-oriented culture within the organization. You can set up reminders for project tasks and activities. The app is excellent for getting into a routine and accomplishing goals as per the desired routine. You can track your weekly and monthly progress with its intuitive interface. Also, you can view milestones and track them closely to get your projects to the finish line smoothly.


  • Habit tracker
  • Custom task reminders
  • Weekly and monthly trends
  • Multiple platform access
  • Milestone tracking


Free – $0

What we liked: The app lets you track your progress on the go with desktop, mobile, and laptop access.

What could be better: Learning curve.

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9. Way of Life

Way of life is a goal tracker

Way of Life is one of the best goal setting software for high achievers. It provides a platform that keeps you motivated to achieve your goals within the expected time frame and scope. With its beautiful charts, you can identify gaps and fix them at the earliest. These charts help you stay up to date with progress, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly.


  • Real-time reminders
  • Notes functionality
  • Chart visualization
  • Color-coded system
  • Simple-to-use application


Free – $0

What we liked: Its chart visualization ability helps get a clear overview of how close you are to achieving your goals.

What could be better: Customization options.

10. Joe’s Goals

Joe's goal is one of the best goal tracker app

Joe’s Goals is one of the best interactive goal tracker apps. It offers a fun space to set your goals and track them effectively. It supports both personal and business goals, letting you win over project tasks hassle-free. It lets you not only track positive goals but also track the negative ones, ensuring that you are aware of where you are lagging and which areas demand more attention than others.


  • Logbook for notes
  • To-do list
  • Custom checklist
  • Unlimited goals
  • Daily score


Free – $0

What we liked: It helps monitor daily goals with a score.

What could be better: Dashboard visualization.

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11. ATracker

Atracker is best fit for goal tracking

ATracker is the ultimate app for tracking objectives and attaining overall project goals. It helps build action plans and track them proactively. It is an all-in-one app to set goals, monitor progress, and extract insightful reports. The tool’s simple and intuitive dashboard allows you to start and stop tasks with just one tap. Also, you can view task entries with a calendar or list view.


  • One-touch task functionality
  • Pie chart and bar chart
  • Drop-down tags
  • Multiple device access
  • UI customization


ATracker – $0

ATracker Pro – $4.99 (one time cost)

Premium – $2.99/month

What we liked: ATracker lets you manage your time and achieve goals effectively.

What could be better: Tool intuitiveness.

Must-have Features of Goal Tracking Software

An ideal goal tracking software is packed with features that lead to the best possible project outcomes.

A. Project Visibility

For effective goal tracking, having a transparent workflow is paramount. It helps gain clarity of how far you are from accomplishing your goals on time. For this, a tool must offer multiple project views such as Gantt charts, List view, Calendar view, and more. These views help gain perspective of project status and compare them to desired project goals effortlessly.

B. Automation

Harness the power of automation to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. Automation helps offload a lot of your work as a project manager by automating recurring and time-consuming tasks. This helps in focusing on the more important tasks, checking off tasks, and attaining goals even before the deadline.

C. AI-powered Reports

Actionable project reports and analytics provide much-needed status of how well your projects are progressing. They provide an insight into everything you need to keep your project running smoothly and on track. You should be able to extract these reports whenever you want – daily, weekly, and monthly.

D. Customization

When executing projects, requirements are bound to arise that demand workflow customizations to achieve project goals as expected. Thus, choose a tool that offers easy customization and allows you to adjust tasks, resources, and deadlines with ever-evolving projects and team needs.

E. Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Real-time alerts and notifications empower you to stay in the loop of project status. These help in catering to approaching project needs and achieving goals within the defined project timeline.

How to Choose the Goal Tracking Software

Here are a few considerations to take into account while selecting the best software for goal tracking.

a. Honest User Reviews

Genuine feedback, whether positive or negative, will give you a fair idea of how the tool will work for your project needs. Also, negative reviews by a user may not necessarily prove to be negative for your project or team requirements. Thus, evaluate a tool’s utility for your organization based on your unique tool requirements.

b. Top Review Sites

Being listed on top review sites lends credibility to goal tracking software. It assures that a specific tool is recognized by a fair share of users and is accepted for the value that it promises to deliver to an individual or organization. Thus, go ahead with a tool that is listed on top review sites.

c. High Ratings

Ratings are a reflection of user experiences. They reflect how a user benefited from the use of a specific tool. You can grasp the utility of a tool simply by glancing at its ratings on a site. A rating of ⅘ stars is preferable and must be accounted for when selecting a goal-tracking tool.

d. Feature-rich

When you’re selecting a tool that tracks goals, look for features that enable you to track goals faster and better. These features may be automation, time tracking, task management, and more. These features are what will support your goal tracking ability and lead your projects to success.

e. Trial Version

It’s always beneficial to try a tool before onboarding it. Each tool offers a set of unique features. Not every tool will be apt for your requirements. Thus, try a tool’s free version to see if the tool complements your project, team, and organization’s needs. Also, the tool must be scalable for future-oriented growth.

Comparison of Best Goal Tracking Software


Automation capabilities

Project visualization

Advanced reports

Workflow customization

Real-time alerts & notifications

ProProfs Project Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trello Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Habitica Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weekdone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ClickUp Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Strides Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
GoalsOnTrack Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Coach.me Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Way of Life Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Joe’s Goals Yes No Yes Yes Yes
ATracker Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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