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15 Best Smartsheet Alternatives and Competitors of 2023

Best Smartsheet alternatives project management software

Looking for the best Smartsheet alternatives that can meet your project management requirements?

If yes, your search ends right here!

While Smartsheet looks like a promising project management tool that offers good task and resource management capabilities, it has its drawbacks.

While some users find it too outdated for modern-day project management needs, others have complained about its lack of collaboration capabilities. Also, the tool does not offer an effective time tracking ability to monitor team performance on the go.

No wonder so many businesses like yours are searching for a free simple project management software to replace Smartsheet, right?

But, with hundreds of tools available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the best alternative to Smartsheet. But, don’t worry. In this blog, we will explore the top 15 Smartsheet alternatives along with their features, pros, cons, and pricing to help you make the right choice with maximum ease.

So, let’s get started!

What is Smartsheet Software?

Smartsheet offers a spreadsheet-like interface that lets you plan, track, and deliver projects on time. It provides project managers with an easy-to-use platform that helps bring team members together to collaborate on shared business goals. The tool’s dashboard offers insight into who is engaged in which tasks instantly.

  • Choose Smartsheet for: Ease-of-use, Collaboration Features
  • 3rd party integrations allowed: Yes
  • Smartsheet Suited for: Small businesses, Large organizations
  • Smartsheet Pricing: Smartsheet has no free plan available. Its packages start with Pro plan which costs monthly $7 per user and the business plan is priced at $25 per user per month. The enterprise plan is available upon request

Case Study: 

Convergint, the largest privately-held security integrator, aims to create an outstanding customer experience through its services. For this, it needed a solution wherein it could store all customers’ data and manage their details seamlessly.

Earlier, they found it challenging to manage such large amounts of data. They relied on manual processes and printed playbooks that were 20 to 70 pages long. Also, to track changes, they used spreadsheets and sticky notes. Undeniably, searching for information was time-consuming and chaotic.

With Smartsheet, they established a single record system for all customer information. It enabled their team to capture all data and resources in one easy-to-access place. Also, they could integrate frequent changes beautifully. The tool helped improve global communication and collaboration while increasing transparency across the organization. It allows them to store all customer’s requirements, sample pictures, documents, and cut sheets. Thus, Smartsheet helps the team in making strategic decisions with real-time information, thereby improving customer engagement.

Why Look for a Smartsheet Alternative?

Smartsheet, although a great project management solution, comes with its own set of flaws. Let’s look at the downside to using Smartsheet below.

A. No Time Tracking Ability

Tracking time is essential because it provides actionable insights into work performance throughout the project’s life cycle. This way, you know exactly which tasks your team members are working on during their work hours. Also, time tracking helps create reliable invoices with accurate billable hours for each team member. The lack of this ability is precisely why Smartsheet users are switching to other prominent tools.

B. Limited Reporting Capabilities

Project reports provide us with powerful analytics on team efficiency and overall project progress. Equipped with these key project metrics, you can make informed business decisions for better project outcomes. Smartsheet lacks this ability to provide actionable insights into how your project progresses.

C. Pricey

A tool might have every feature to fulfill a business’s project management requirements; however, it is bound to fail if it does not offer affordable plans. Smartsheet offers pricing that may not be compatible with businesses of small and medium sizes. This is reason enough for users to look for Smartsheet alternatives that offer core Smartsheet features at a reasonable price.

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The Features Smartsheet Alternatives Must Have

Did you know that nearly 60% of project managers run between two to five projects at any given point? Thus, it’s not surprising that they look for a feature-rich platform that enables them to manage tasks and projects effortlessly.

Now, let’s look at some of the features that a Smartsheet alternative must offer.

  • Solid task management capabilities to execute well-defined project workflows
  • Time tracking ability to monitor team productivity
  • Collaboration features to help team members connect and address roadblocks
  • Project reports that provide actionable insights into KPIs
  • Easy-to-use interface for smooth onboarding and navigation
  • Affordable plans for teams of all sizes

What To Look For When Looking For Alternatives To Smartsheet?

Some strict criteria must be followed while selecting the best Smartsheet alternative for your project and team’s needs. Let’s look at the criteria below.

a. Core Smartsheet features:

An ideal Smartsheet alternative must be equipped with good task management, project visualization, and collaboration features. Smartsheet lets you create crystal clear workflows and track them via project views in real time. Moreover, its collaborative features allow your team to connect and coordinate their efforts for successful project delivery.

b. Scalability:

Do you intend to work with the same number of team members and at the same level of scalability even five years down the line? No, right? The ultimate goal of your business is to scale and map out improved profitability year by year. And, for this you need a system that allows you to scale as your business grows.

c. Suitability for your team:

The right tool boasts a user-friendly interface. It must offer an easy-to-use dashboard that lets you get started immediately and navigate through the project workflows without any specific training. If a tool fulfills these basic criteria, it will most probably be adopted by more and more team members actively for their everyday operations.

d. Remote access:

With many organizations worldwide switching to the hybrid working model post COVID-19, it is only necessary that a tool is powerful enough to incorporate remote team members’ needs. Such a tool will enable both on-site and remote workers to collaborate with each other for smooth flowing project tasks and activities.

e. Honest & recent user reviews:

User reviews help gain insight into the tool’s efficacy. Ensure that the reviews you read and rely on are honest and are not older than one year. Also, ensure that the tool you choose is listed on top SaaS websites such as GetApp, Capterra, and SoftwareWorld. These sites lend credibility to a tool’s competency.

f. Value for money:

A tool must provide value for money, i.e., it must significantly improve overall project management if you have chosen to invest money in the tool in the long run. If the tool fails to provide value for money and runs out on factors like scalability and flexibility in the long run, then it is most likely to be abandoned sooner rather than later.

List of 15 Best Smartsheet alternatives

Selecting a robust project management tool is not a walk in the park. But, don’t worry. We have done all the heavy lifting and have curated a list of the top 15 alternatives to Smartsheet below.

Let’s take a look at these.

1. ProProfs Project

Proprofs project is an alternative to Smartsheet

ProProfs Project is a complete project management solution that helps bridge silos and streamline workflows across multiple projects. It helps centralize project information in one place, simplifying overall project execution.

The tool simplifies project monitoring by providing 360° visibility into ongoing tasks and projects. This helps stay on top of your projects and enables strategic decision-making for improved project outcomes.

Its time-tracking ability helps monitor team productivity on the go, making it one of the best Smartsheet alternatives. Overall, the tool’s powerful dashboard and its smooth navigation help accelerate projects and deliver projects sooner than expected.

Key Features of ProProfs Project:

  • Ease collaboration between team members via task comments
  • Get rich insights into key project metrics instantly
  • Automate workflows for recurring tasks
  • Share files seamlessly with clients, stakeholders, and team members
  • Create automatic invoices with employee’s accurate billable hours
  • Set project milestones and track how far you are from accomplishing the goals
  • Set up task dependencies for crystal-clear project workflows

What is unique about this product:

  • You can switch between multiple views such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Calendar, and List views to track progress
  • Its task management ability lets you create tasks, assign resources, define due dates, and prioritize projects within seconds


Starts at $39.97/month.

  • Choose it for: Task management, Team collaboration, Project Visualization, Ease-of-use
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Large organizations, Enterprises, Remote teams

Case Study:

Miguel Gonzalez, a digital designer, UI/UX developer, and the owner of Xtencil, used to track all his website projects manually. This obviously resulted in wastage of both time and effort. Miguel needed a simple project management solution that would help streamline his projects with ease.

He adopted ProProfs for its functionality, value, and affordability. The tool enabled his clients to keep track of how the projects were moving forward using Kanban, Gantt, and Calendar view. This helped ascertain whether the projects were in line with expected results or not. The tool also helped Miguel collaborate with clients instantly with task comments and file sharing. Also, they could get timely reminders for real-time project status from anywhere and anytime.

2. Wrike

Wrike is an agile alternative to Smartsheet software

Wrike is a free alternative to Smartsheet that enables managing and collaborating on multiple projects for seamless, agile project management. It allows you to create subtasks within tasks and allocate resources and due dates to each of these. Thus, you can organize your tasks and track them with interactive board and spreadsheet views. Also, you can access project information via the web, desktop, and mobile.

Key Features of Wrike:

  • Customize project dashboards to suit team needs
  • Keep clients in the loop with shareable dashboards
  • Monitor employee performance via time tracking and timesheets
  • Automate recurring tasks to save time and effort

What is unique about this product:

  • Its Gantt charts help track project progress and task dependencies
  • It is a scalable platform, apt for teams of all sizes


Free – $0

Professional – $9.80/user/month

Business – $24.80/user/month

Enterprise – Available on request

  • Choose it for: Team Collaboration, Ease-of-scalability
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Large organizations, Enterprises

Case Study:

Siemens Smart Infrastructure was struggling with enabling smooth communication amongst globally dispersed teams. It was looking for a secure collaboration tool to handle large volumes and scales of projects.

Wrike provided them with enterprise-grade security with an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard. They could get started with their project with custom workflows and templates within minutes. The tool helped increase transparency across the organization, easing communication between team members located in different cities and countries.

The tool helped them speed up project execution and marginally improved total ROI on projects. The customizable dashboards let them organize their work and filter data for the best searchability. Teams can simply glance at the dashboard and track who is working on what at any given time. With their KPI-based adoption dashboard, they could easily measure quantitative and qualitative metrics.

3. Asana

Asana helps managing projects just like Smartsheet

Asana is a Smartsheet free alternative that supports teams to manage their projects in the easiest way possible. It provides a digital workspace that lets you define project schedules in an easy-to-access place. You can create tasks, assign them to team members, and define due dates for tasks and subtasks within minutes. You can even prioritize these tasks and track them via List, Board, and Calendar views.

Key Features of Asana:

  • Optimize resources with workload view
  • Set up milestones and track them effectively
  • Ease task creation with ready-to-use task templates
  • Set company goals and track how far you are from achieving them

What is unique about this product:

  • It is a user-friendly platform for easy tool adoption
  • Its collaboration features help address roadblocks for faster project delivery


Basic – $0

Premium – $10.99/user/month

Business – $24.99/user/month

  • Choose it for: Team Collaboration, Task management capabilities
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Personal Projects, Remote teams

Case Study:

Carta helps public and private companies in issuing and managing securities. Jina Kim, who works at Carta, saw that the team was facing challenges in tracking how things were progressing.

She adopted Asana to enable seamless coordination between different business units. It helped check of what changes have been incorporated and what needs to be done to accomplish set goals. The tool helps them plan and organize meetings to keep progress in check. This way, they know who asked a certain question and ask questions to follow up and gain a better understanding. Overall, Asana has helped inculcate transparency and accountability within the organization.

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4. Airtable

Airtable is a free smartsheet alternative

Airtable is a web-based project management tool that provides a digital workspace for managing teams and projects in one place. It lets you create custom interfaces that complement your team’s agility and scale. Using this, you can easily set up project workflows with their respective resources and due dates for crystal-clear project schedules from beginning to end.

Key Features of Airtable:

  • Comments on tasks to give instant feedback
  • Drag and drop tasks to adjust workflows
  • Sync project data across multiple devices
  • Create custom branded forms easily

What is unique about this product:

  • Visualize progress with Gantt, Kanban, Grid, and Timeline view
  • You can power up your processes with third-party integration


Free – $0

Plus – $10/user/month

Pro – $20/user/month

Enterprise – Available on request

  • Choose it for: Project visualization, Workflow management
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises

Case Study:

Matt Levie, a post-production supervisor, was responsible for editing the national PBS series ‘Secrets of a Chef‘. The series consisted of 12 half-hour episodes. For this, he was required to color correct the captured videos and even up the lighting. It also required him to determine which angles to use to showcase the recipe. This required careful collaboration between the series editors and the producers. Previously, they managed everything using Excel spreadsheets. Undeniably, it must have been difficult.

With Airtable, they split the information into two tables, namely Recipes and Shows. This enabled them to keep track of everything that was going on in the recipes as well as the shows.

These tables helped them keep track of the status of the edits. It also lets them in on the information related to the last person to work on the edit and the current episode length. It also displayed any changes that the producers have requested. Also, it facilitates easy feedback as the producer puts in any comments for the editors in an easy-to-access space.

5. Microsoft Project

Microsoft project is a powerful alternative to Smartsheet

Microsoft Project is a powerful tool that you can use to drive your business to growth and success. It lets you manage workflows and processes to deliver projects within the defined timeline and budget. Besides, you can leverage Microsoft Project along with Microsoft Teams for a fulfilling project management experience. This integration allows you to share files and collaborate with team members via chats and meetings.

Key Features of Microsoft Project:

  • Create interactive dashboards with easy customization
  • Set up automated workflows to offload recurring tasks
  • Secure all project information in the tool, built on Azure, the world’s trusted enterprise cloud
  • Co-author projects with ease

What is unique about this product:

  • It handles simple as well as complex projects across teams with maximum ease
  • It is flexible and versatile tool


Project Plan 1 – $9.44/user/month

Project Plan 2 – 28.31/user/month

Project Plan 3 – 51.90/user/month

  • Choose it for: Workflow management, Data security
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises, Remote teams

Case Study:

ABANCA, a major Spanish financial institution, provides retail and corporate banking services. It needed a flexible tool that would ease project management for its wide variety of projects. Also, their team wanted the tool to adapt to changing requirements quickly.

Once they onboarded Microsoft Project, they could centralize the management of their corporate portfolio. The tool made it effortless for senior management to get real-time reports on the work being done. This helped them save time, effort, and resources for creating reports to make informed decisions.

Also, the tool helped them gain visibility into project timelines and resources while improving collaboration between clients and team members.

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6. Trello

Trello is a popular kanban style alternative software to Smartsheet

Trello is a Kanban-style project management platform, one of the popular Smartsheet alternatives. Its Kanban boards help organize all project information using Trello cards. You can tailor these Trello cards to hold every piece of information related to a specific task, be it task assignees, due dates, file attachments, or conversations discussing task requirements. Overall, the tool is great for streamlining processes and tracking tasks moving from one stage to another.

Key Features of Trello:

  • Customize workflows to suit team needs on the fly
  • Monitor the Progress Meter Checklist to stay up-to-date with project progress
  • Setup recurring tasks with no-code automation

What is unique about this product:

  • It increased task visibility via the Trello board
  • Leverage more functionality in your processes with third-party power-ups


Free – $0

Standard – $5/user/month

Premium – $10/user/month

Enterprise – $17.50/user/month

  • Choose it for: Task organization, Project visualization
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Large organizations

Case Study:

McCorvey Sheet Metal Works is a sheet metal detailer, fabricator, and installer. Its tech coordinator, Chris Mondeau, understood that the organization’s paper filing system wouldn’t scale along with their business. This system made them spend long hours searching for the required papers, resulting in wasted time and effort. Thus, they were in search of a scheduling program that was easy to use and stored all their data on it for easy searchability.

They found Trello to be a straightforward tool that helped team members collaborate and get things done. Also, tracking tasks became easier with the interactive board view. Moreover, the tool provided them with a platform where they could store their files and integrate changes easily.

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7. Basecamp

Basecamp is one more tool like Smartsheet help managing remote team

Basecamp is a popular alternative software for Smartsheet when managing remote team workers. The tool is easy to set up and offers solid collaboration features that instantly help team members connect and discuss roadblocks. You can plan and strategize your action plan using message boards and group chats. Also, you can share docs and files with team members, clients, and stakeholders on the go.

Key Features of Basecamp:

  • Create automatic check-in and stay updated
  • Access project data via the web, iOS, or Android
  • Create tasks, allocate resources, and define due dates within seconds
  • Set up real-time reminders for tasks and projects

What is unique about this product:

  • It offers real-time collaboration features to bridge the gap between remote team members
  • Track project schedules regardless of where you are working from


Basecamp Personal – $0

Basecamp Business – $99/month

  • Choose it for: Remote team collaboration, Project Visualization
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Personal Projects, Remote teams

Case Study:

Not applicable.

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8. Jira

Atlassian jira is one of the best Smartsheet alternative

Jira is one of the best Smartsheet competitors that is especially popular for managing software development teams. You can easily set up project workflows and track them in real-time. Using roadmaps, you can see codes and deployment status from anywhere and anytime. This helps monitor overall progress and deliver successfully running projects effortlessly. Moreover, you can customize workflows by turning features on or off with a single click.

Key Features of Jira:

  • Track progress using Scrum and Kanban boards
  • Create custom dashboards to suit your business
  • View project reports and burndown charts to maintain team efficiency
  • Integrate with popular third-party applications

What is unique about this product:

  • The tool is great for managing agile projects and teams
  • It offers incredible issue-tracking capabilities across multiple projects


Free – $0

Standard – $7

Premium – $14

Enterprise – Available on request

  • Choose it for: Issue tracking, Workflow management
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises, Remote teams

Case Study:

Nextiva is a business communications company that grew rapidly during the last three years. With their growth, it became increasingly difficult to manage their internal systems. Also, they relied on a lot of tools for different functionalities, escalating their difficulties tenfold.

Their team adopted Jira, a cloud-based project management tool, to centralize and manage all data without the need to switch between different tools. This hugely impacted their speed of resolving customer queries.

Also, the tool eased cross-team collaboration, enhancing efficiency across the organization. With Jira’s change management abilities, they were able to automate and manage changes with greater efficacy.

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9. Clarizen

Plaview from Clarizen is loaded with features for project management

Clarizen is a versatile project management software that offers basic Smartsheet features coupled with additional features that make it a good choice for managing projects. Its powerful interface lets you manage multiple projects at once for impactful business results. You can rely on its data-driven reports to manage your project finances and complete projects on time and within budget.

Key Features of Clarizen:

  • Automate workflows to focus on more critical tasks
  • Get automatic updates throughout the project lifecycle
  • Share links, files, and emails instantly
  • Track time spent on tasks and projects with time tracking ability

What is unique about this product:

  • It provides actionable reports to gain insights on how your project is moving forward
  • It offers dynamic dashboards to plan, track, and deliver projects effectively


Available on request.

  • Choose it for: Task management capabilities, Project reporting
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises

Case Study:

Ricoh Australia was struggling to manage its data and control its project workflows and resources. There was no transparency while managing work and no way to gain easy visibility into progress.

Their team chose Clarizen to overcome these challenges. With Clarizen, they could set up clear-cut work schedules along with their roadmaps, milestones, due dates, and resources. They could even customize these workflows on the go. This drastically improved resource management and utilization for their organization.

The tool helped streamline their day-to-day schedule management, empowering team members to improve efficiency and deliver better results. It also gave them easy access to project docs, notes, emails, and other crucial information.

10. nTask

nTask is an alternative software for smartsheet

nTask is an effective task management tool for managing multiple teams and projects in one place. The tool lets you see the big picture and adjust workflows if needed. Within minutes, you can create tasks, assign resources, and define due dates across multiple projects. Also, you can prioritize tasks and set their level of priority to get work done on time.

Key Features of nTask:

  • Track issues from start to finish
  • Organize tasks using custom filters
  • Get insightful budgeting and financial summaries
  • Integrate with third-party applications seamlessly

What is unique about this product:

  • Calculate employee’s productive hours using accurate Timesheets
  • Visualize progress via Gantt charts and Kanban views


Basic – $0

Premium – $3/user/month

Business – $8/user/month

  • Choose it for: Workflow management, Team collaboration
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Large organizations, Personal Projects

Case Study:

Not applicable.

11. Workzone

Workzone is a software like Smartsheet for project and task management

Workzone offers an intuitive interface for managing teams across departments. It offers a centralized view that helps handle tasks, resources, and deadlines effectively. You can visualize where your project stands with real-time, comprehensive project dashboards that display start and end dates, letting you know how far you are from achieving set targets. Also, you can track progress using Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Key Features of Workzone:

  • Get a ready project layout using professionally-designed templates
  • Collaborate with team members using image mark-up
  • Track time and monitor team efficiency
  • Manage resources across cross-functional teams

What is unique about this product:

  • It offers advanced reports that throw light on ongoing project status
  • Organize work with personal to-do lists and automatic task reminders


Team – $24/user/month

Professional – $34/user/month

Enterprise – $43/user/month

  • Choose it for: Work management, Project visualization
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises

Case Study:

Not applicable.

12. monday.com

Monday.com is one of the best Smartsheet competitors

monday.com is an all-in-one project management platform capable of handling agile projects and teams to drive business impact. Its powerful task management capabilities make it one of the best alternatives to Smartsheet. You can define project workflows and get a high-level overview of your tasks via interactive dashboards. Also, you can set task status as ‘Done,’ ‘Working on it,’ ‘Stuck,’ and ‘Awaiting review’ for improved task tracking.

Key Features of monday.com:

  • Customize project workflows to fit team needs
  • Get real-time alerts and notifications
  • Automate workflows for increased efficiency
  • Visualize work using Kanban board, calendar, timeline, and Gantt chart

What is unique about this product:

  • You can track goals for the current month or quarter in real-time
  • The tool helps provide team members with an easy-to-use, collaborative platform


Individual – $0

Basic – $24/month

Standard – $30/month

Pro – $48/month

Enterprise – Available on request

  • Choose it for: Task management capabilities, Team collaboration
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises, Remote teams

Case Study:

As a Director of Strategy and Operations at Deezer, a leading music streaming service, Yoav Banai was on the lookout for software that enabled seamless cross-departmental projects with effortless team collaboration.

He previously used Google Suite with Google Slides and Google Sheets to manage his projects. But, as the company grew, he knew that he needed a centralized system to handle complex projects. There was no visibility into who was doing what. Simply put, it was a task to figure out the status of each project.

After adopting monday.com, he saw significant benefits. The tool increased transparency within the organization. It became easy to find information that they needed. Team members could easily collaborate, regardless of their team or department. Overall, the organization saw an improvement in team efficiency, leading to improved project results.

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13. Celoxis

Celoxis is a project collaboration software similar to Smartsheet

Celoxis offers a feature-rich platform to streamline workflows and improve team productivity. Its data-driven project reports help gain real-time visibility into key project metrics. These KPIs help forecast revenue and profit margin to deliver projects within budget. Besides, you can collate project requests and sort custom KPIs effectively. Using the tool, you can share files with team members, clients, and stakeholders to exchange feedback with maximum ease.

Key Features of Celoxis:

  • Track time and keep a check on where team members are engaged
  • Automatically schedule workflows based on similar projects
  • Create inter-project dependencies instantly
  • Assign multiple resources per task

What is unique about this product:

  • Allocate resources to project tasks based on availability, demand, and skills
  • Ease overall management with advanced scheduling capabilities and fully customizable portfolio dashboards


Cloud – $22.50/user/month

On-premise – $450/user/billed yearly

  • Choose it for: Work management, Resource management
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Personal Projects

Case Study:

Urban Grid, a leading developer of solar photovoltaic projects, was looking for a project management tool that could cater to its growing needs. Using Excel was no longer a good option, and they immediately needed a solution to their management woes. Also, there was no way to streamline communication, and nobody knew the project status in real-time. Emails, phone conversations, and spreadsheets were not adequate anymore.

Celoxis proved to be a savior for the team at Urban Grid. This cloud-based and web-based system secured their project data in one place along with their files and history. Now, they could track progress and budgets with beautiful Gantt charts. The tool enabled better collaboration between team members. Also, it offered customizable reports that provided real-time project analytics to the organization’s management.

14. Mavenlink

Mavanlink is a robust task management tool like Smartsheet

Mavenlink, one of the feature-packed Smartsheet competitors, lets you manage projects across multiple industries, from IT, HR, and construction to marketing and sales. You can extract smart reports and access powerful analytics. These analytics support you in making informed business decisions that drive improved project performance. Also, the tool is excellent to help team members connect and collaborate on simultaneously running projects.

Key Features of Mavenlink:

  • Track real-time project status using Gantt charts
  • Prioritize tasks on the go
  • Adjust workflows with customizable dashboards
  • Integrate seamlessly with third-party applications

What is unique about this product:

  • Get powerful analytics on key project metrics in real-time
  • It is a scalable platform, suitable for industries of all types


Available on request

  • Choose it for: Resource management, Project reports
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Large organizations, Enterprises

Case Study:

Huge provides strategy, marketing, design, and technology services to various industries. As Huge grew in numbers, they found it challenging to keep up with evolving changes and implement workflows.

Adopting Mavenlink helped Huge standardize their workflows with easy tracking and monitoring of progress. With Mavenlink’s intelligent reporting abilities, their team has access to ready project insights to enable strategic decision-making. Also, the organization can track time for each team member and coordinate their efforts for improved productivity.

Overall, the tool has improved project and resource management, ensuring consistency in its processes across teams and departments. Mavenlink integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, providing greater functionality for sure-shot project success.

15. Nutcache

Nutcache is a robust project management tool that is easy to onboard and navigate. It provides project, time, and invoicing reports that offer smart insights into key project metrics. You can organize your workload and overview pending tasks at a glance. Also, you can prioritize tasks either using due dates or projects. Moreover, you can set up budget alerts and get notified when costs overrun.

Key Features of Nutcache:

  • Track time to monitor team efficiency
  • Offload time-consuming tasks with easy task automation
  • Organize lists and cards in an easy-to-access place
  • Start and stop timers on the project timesheet

What is unique about this product:

  • It offers hassle-free project budgeting and invoicing
  • Easy-to-use tool, perfectly compatible with Agile, Scrum, and other project management methodologies


Free – $0

Pro – $6/user/month

Enterprise – $12/user/month

  • Choose it for: Client invoicing, Team management
  • 3rd Party integration allowed: Yes
  • Suitable for: Small businesses, Large organizations

Case Study:

Not applicable.

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Comparison of Best Smartsheet Competitors



Project Planning & Scheduling

Project Monitoring

Actionable Reports

Dashboard Customization

Team Collaboration Features

Time Tracking

ProProfs Project $2 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wrike $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asana $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Airtable $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Microsoft Project $9.44 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trello $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basecamp $0 Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Jira $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Clarizen Available on request Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
nTask $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Workzone $24 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monday.com $0 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Celoxis $22.50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mavenlink Available on request Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Nutcache $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Final Verdict: Which Smartsheet Alternative Should You Go For?

Smartsheet is an incredible project management tool that lets you:

  • Plan and track project schedules in real-time
  • Navigate project dashboards with ease
  • Collaborate with team members and get work done faster
  • Get a high-level overview of ongoing tasks with its interactive dashboard

However, the tool may not befit your project management requirements, making you go in search of Smartsheet alternatives.

Depending on your requirements, you might want to go for ProProfs Project as one of the exceptional Smartsheet competitors. The tool offers top-quality task management, project visualization, team collaboration, and time-tracking features that help deliver outstanding results consistently. You can even opt for monday.com if you’re looking for advanced project reporting capabilities. Also, Jira is a great tool if you primarily handle software teams and projects.

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