"It is necessary to go through all the daily tasks and bring perfection to them." - Frederick Lenz

Undeniably, the competition in the business world has reached a whole new level, which means you must bring perfection while working on any task.

We are going to take a look at some of the best project and task management software to help you get started with finding the right tool for your requirements.

A reliable cloud-based task manager significantly improves team performance and helps you hit higher efficiency levels.

What Makes a Task Management Tool the Best?

The best task management software helps you achieve business goals by enabling you to complete all your projects efficiently. A good tool has a user-friendly interface and offers a multitude of spectacular features. Choosing the right tool is extremely important, as that’s the key to handling your business-related tasks effectively. There are also free task management software that offer nearly all the features you need, such as time tracking, invoicing, insightful reports, instant email notifications, etc. Look for a tool that matches your business requirements from our list and make your choice.

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Top 20 Best Task Management Tools and Their Key Features:

20 Best Task Management Tools
Key Features
  • Hassle-free task planning
  • Well-developed reports
  • First-rate timeline view
  • To-do list review
  • Terrific timesheets
  • Simple and flexible control
  • Effortless file sharing
  • Handy task tracking
  • Data importation
  • Smooth milestone tracking
  • Calendar view
  • Smooth management of repetitive tasks
  • Swift file sharing
  • Accurate time tracking
  • Gantt charts
  • Task tracking
  • Trouble-free task scheduling
  • Easier task planning
  • Painless activity management
  • File sharing
  • Effortless tracking
  • Easier task prioritization
  • Calendar view
  • Effective internal communication
  • Efficacious task tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Task comments
  • Significant task templates
  • Insightful task reports
  • Flawless reports
  • Multiple checklists
  • Recurring task management
  • Exact time tracking
  • Task delegation
  • Timesheets
  • Up-to-date insights
  • Time logging
  • Internal messages
  • Powerful dashboard
  • Team roadmap
  • Trouble-free subtask creation
  • Team calendar
  • Task priorities
  • Task tile view
  • Fabulous dashboard
  • Proper deadlines visualization
  • Task due dates
  • First-rate task delegation
  • Taskboard view
  • Trouble-free recurring task management
  • Accurate analytics
  • User-friendly task checklists
  • Multiple assignees
  • Internal commenting
  • Real-time reports
  • Flawless dashboard
  • Seamless task tracking

While the table above gives a quick view of the key features, we have tried explaining the features, benefits, pricing in detail. Take a look:

ProProfs Project-task management software

ProProfs Project is the simplest yet the best task management tool as it makes the job of handling multiple tasks easier for its users. This easy-to-use tool lets you plan, delegate tasks, manage progress and execute projects effortlessly.

You can set start and end dates for each task to ensure timely completion, create sub-tasks to break complex problems into small actionable tasks and streamline the whole workflow.

Features of ProProfs Project:

  • Assign projects to individuals or teams
    Assign projects to individuals or teams

    You can assign multiple teams at one particular task and monitor the work progress smoothly with ProProfs Project.

  • Track billable and non-billable hours
    Track billable and non-billable hours

    ProProfs Project is regarded as one of the best task management tools because it lets you track the time spent on each task precisely.

  • Prioritize tasks
    Prioritize tasks

    Set task priorities to get urgent & important work done on time and with perfection.

  • Visualize milestone with Gantt charts
    Visualize milestone with Gantt charts

    This free task management software gets you the Gantt chart view to visualize the progress and make changes by just dragging the timelines.

  • Task dependencies
    Task dependencies

    Create task dependencies to ensure that deliverables of all concerned departments get delivered on time.

  • Automated invoicing & reporting
    Automated invoicing & reporting

    This reliable cloud-based task manager generates accurate invoices & insightful reports that you can share as links with all the stakeholders.

Why use ProProfs Project?

  • One dashboard view

    ProProfs Project equips you to view the status of all tasks directly from its dashboard.

  • Team collaboration

    Set task dependencies and establish conversation via comments so that employees in different departments can work in collaboration.

  • Seamless task management & 24/7 reports

    You create tasks and subtasks by using this online task management system, which further enables you to manage all projects with flying colors. You also gain insights into your team’s performance via 24/7 accessible reports.

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JIRA-team task management tool

Jira is the name that you are likely to find on the results of search engines while looking for the best task management tools. It is because JIRA has been in the market for a very long time, and its features are the main reason behind how this cloud-based task management software got the 2nd position in this list.

Features of JIRA

✓   Hassle-free task planning

JIRA helps you plan your tasks efficiently so that you enjoy smooth work progress.

✓   Smooth tracking

JIRA has always been hailed for being the best online task management software because it lets you track your assigned tasks effortlessly.

✓   Well-developed reports

This best online task manager offers you insights into team performance through real-time and visual data.

Pricing: starts from $10/month.

Why use JIRA?

  • Milestone tracking

    Milestone tracking is the feature that makes JIRA the most popular task management software, as it allows you to track how well your team members are pursuing to achieve set milestones.

  • Recurring Task Management

    JIRA, an excellent task management software, offers significant help in recurring task management.

  • Timeline view

    Through the timeline view, you can easily evaluate whether your teams will complete all assigned tasks within a specified time frame or not.

ProWorkFlow-task management system

ProWorkFlow is another task management software you can trust on. It makes the job of task management easier, which further ensures you a pleasing experience while handling multiple projects. This best task tracker is suitable for businesses of all sizes, as it has a powerful yet user-friendly task editor that gives you an immersive experience in terms of task management.

Features of ProWorkFlow:

✓   Customized templates

If you want the same settings of a particular task for another one, you can mark the same task as a template. This saves you time and reduces your work in the later stages.

✓   To-do list view

Its to-do list view shows all crucial tasks, which you must complete for project success.

✓   Simple control

Managing a pile of tasks generally gives an annoying experience, but this is not the case with ProWorkFlow as this best task tracker lets you keep things under control.

Pricing:Starts at $10/user/month

Why use ProWorkFlow?

  • Easier sub-task creation

    Create sub-tasks to complete specific project activities perfectly.

  • Error-free analytics

    Getting assigned tasks done properly is extremely important for business growth. This cloud-based task management tool offers you error-free reports on the progress of each task.

  • Terrific timesheet

    Develop timesheets with this online task management system and keep track of the time your employees are spending on each task.

Monday.com-online task management software

Monday.com has been competing with the best task management tools mentioned above. Regardless of its position in this list, this best task management app has a multitude of features that are more than enough to delight its users.

Features of Monday.com are:

✓   Hassle-free file sharing

Complete your tasks within the intended time by sharing important files across different departments.

✓   Effortless task tracking

Stay up-to-date with the progress of each task by means of this top task manager.

✓   Data importation

Monday.com, the most popular task management software, lets you import vital task data so that you can analyze it and ask for changes if you feel so.

Pricing: Starts at $39/month.
Zoho Projects-cloud based task management software

Zoho Projects is deemed as the most secure task management software, owing to its remarkable features. Businesses across different industry verticals trust this online task tracking tool to complete projects on a successful note.

Features of Zoho Projects

✓   Painless task assignment

Set due dates, priorities, sub-tasks, etc. and enjoy trouble-free task management.

✓   Smooth milestone tracking

Use this task monitoring software to keep track of covered milestones and improve project progress significantly.

✓   Calendar

This task tracking tool lets you manage the project calendar so that you face no problem with regard to task management.

Pricing:Starts at $17.71/month.

Why use Zoho Projects?

  • Task dependencies

    Zoho Projects enables its users to create task dependencies so that nothing can hamper the project progress at any point in time.

  • Recurring task management

    This online task tracking tool helps you create templates so that you can handle repetitive tasks easily.

  • Timeline view

    The timeline view is what you require to see a clear picture of on-hold, ongoing, and completed tasks.

6. Wrike

Wrike-task management software

Wrike is the best task tracking tool if you want complete control and visibility over all your tasks. This web-based task management software lets you assign tasks like a pro and makes sure you stay in a pole position throughout the project development cycle.


✓   Time tracking

Track how long your project executives have been working on the assigned task.

✓   Gantt charts

This task tracking system comes with the functionality of Gantt charts, which show you the full progress of tasks.

✓   File sharing

To complete each task perfectly, there should be a to-and-fro of crucial information. Wrike supports file sharing to make this possible.

Pricing: Starts at $9.80/user/month.

7. Trello

Trello-cloud based task management tool

Trello is a task tracking system that permits you to organize all tasks and information in a visual manner. With the help of trello, you can easily avoid time-killing and unnecessary team meetings, as it makes the job of task assignment so easy.

Features of Trello:

✓   Effortless task planning

For proper management, your task plan should be error-free. With Trello, you enjoy effortless task planning and sail through your project management journey hassle-free.

✓   Task Scheduling

Once you are done with planning, you must place all the pieces into the right place, i.e. proper task scheduling. This team task management tool lets you schedule tasks in a perfect manner.

✓   Smooth task tracking

Task management is all about how well each assigned job is being tracked. Trello makes task tracking effortless, and that’s why it is considered as the best web-based task management software.

Pricing: Starts at $10.10/user/month.

8. Asana

Asana-task management software

Asana is the best task monitoring software to deploy into business operations, because it significantly slashes the need of sending emails and conducting unnecessary team meetings. With the help of Asana, you can easily address your problems related to task management.

Features of Asana:

✓    Effortless tracking

Keeping a precise track of tasks is what task management is all about. Through Asana, you can easily keep each team member aligned on goals.

✓    Trouble-free activity management

For project success, all the involved activities must be done to perfection. This top task manager lets you manage all project activities perfectly so that you can secure success in the end.

✓   Flawless file sharing

File sharing is a crucial aspect of task management because you will struggle without it. Asana is deemed as the most secure task management software as it promises smooth file sharing.

Pricing: Starts at 10.99/user/month
ProofHub-task tracking system

ProofHub is one of the top task management tools, as it lets you create tasks without breaking a sweat. You can assign created tasks to multiple users, to complete projects within the specified budget and on/before time.

Features of ProofHub:

✓   Internal communication

ProofHub promises smooth internal communication, which, in turn, wipes out the hassle that messy email threads generally cause.

✓   Effective task prioritization

This top task manager lets you prioritize all tasks so that you can avoid chaotic situations and meet deadlines with the utmost ease.

✓   Calendar view

Enjoy proper task scheduling with the ‘Calendar view’, which shows how well you have scheduled tasks for the entire week or month.

Pricing: Starts at $45/month

10. Flow

Flow-web based task management tool

Flow is another tool that can resolve your queries with respect to task management. It comes under the category of best task management tools due to its flexible design. Thanks to a bird’s-eye view, you can easily monitor tasks of each project.

Features of Flow:

✓    Team collaboration

With the help of Flow, you can bring teams from different divisions together. It makes the job of task management easy, consequently.

✓   Efficacious task tracking

Flow, one of the best online task managers, promises efficient task tracking so that you manage project activities without any hassle.

✓   Task comments

Use task comments to get immediate clarification whenever your team goes off the book to achieve desired results.

Pricing: Starts at $7.50/month.

11. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 best task management software

Bitrix24 is one of those best task management tools that will grab the attention of business owners in 2022 for sure, as it offers an array of indispensable features that act as a helping hand during the project development process.

Features of Bitrix24

✓   Vital task templates

During the project life cycle, you have to do some certain tasks repeatedly. Bitrix24, the best online task manager, lets you create task templates so that you can cope with regular chores easily.

✓   Insightful task reports

Gain vital insights into how much time has been spent on particular project activity through task reports.

✓   Intuitive report builder

Segregate, filter, and sort the desired task data easily by using the report builder of Bitrix24.

Pricing:Starts at $52/month
MeisterTask-best task tracking tool

MeisterTask is one of those cloud-based task management tools that are meant to catch the eyes of business owners in the future. It is so because this tool is easy to use, and that also ensures an immersive experience while handling project-related tasks.

Features of MeisterTask:

✓   Multiple checklists

This cloud task management software enables you to create multiple checklists so that you enjoy seamless task management later on.

✓   Smooth handling of recurring tasks

The positive thing about recurring tasks is that you don’t have to start from scratch as you already know the drill. With the luxury of creating templates, you can easily deal with repetitive tasks.

✓   Exact time tracking

Track how long it takes to your project executives to complete a certain task through this cloud-based task management software..

Pricing:Starts at $8.25/user/month

13. Everhour

Everhour-task management software

Everhour is one of the top task management tools and suitable for all those businesses that want to track their tasks, set accurate budgets, segregate billable and non-billable hours. However, this tool still has a long way to go, as crucial features like Gantt charts are missing.

Features of Everhour are:

✓   Timesheets

Keep a record of time that is utilized to complete a certain task by creating comprehensive timesheets.

✓   Insightful analytics

This best task management app offers you insightful analytics to measure overall productivity.

✓    Smooth subtask delegation

Divide complex tasks into small segments and keep things under control for the longterm.

Pricing: Starts at $5/user/month.
Teamwork-task management tool

Teamwork Projects is an unparalleled project management tool that can help you manage tasks perfectly. It wipes out all the hassle related to task management by ensuring team collaboration. It also brings a multitude of outstanding features to the table for its users:

Features of Teamwork Projects:

✓   Task history

Teamwork Projects, one of the best project and task management software, lets you access task history.

✓   Powerful dashboard

You get access to a powerful dashboard while using Teamwork Projects, which enables you to keep a tab on all current tasks with no hassle.

✓    Time logging

This cloud-based task manager shows how much time your teams are spending on each task. It gives you an opportunity to take proactive measures in case the promised project delivery date gets jeopardized.

Pricing: Starts at $11.25/user/month.

Why use Teamwork Projects?

  • Granular permissions

    This cloud task management tool lets you set some specific parameters and permissions so that each task gets done on a certain level.

  • Messages for seamless team communication

    This online task management software has a messaging function, which paves the way for seamless team communication.

  • Tasklist templates

    With Teamwork Projects, you can create task list templates to save a significant amount of time and resources.

15. Taskade

Taskade-online task management system

Taskade offers numerous templates to manage workflow. By deploying this tool, you can bring your teams in different departments together, which further paves the way for high productivity.

Features of taskade are:

✓   Team calendar

Managing your tasks, along with your teams, is the key to success. With Taskade, you get access to the team calendar, which helps you manage things every month.

✓   Team roadmap

Create a roadmap for a smooth workflow. This top task manager lets you plan, manage, and visualize tasks effortlessly.

✓    Subtask creation

Enable your teams to accomplish set milestones by creating subtasks.

Pricing: Starts at $10.09/month.
Everhour-task management software

It’s cloud task management software that allows you to track and manage tasks in such a manner that promotes your business productivity. With the help of Task Pigeon, you can easily create and assign tasks to your teams. As a result, the whole workflow improves.

Features of Task Pigeon:

✓   My tasks dashboard

This cloud-based task management software makes sure your team members never miss out on crucial tasks, as it lets them track their assigned tasks through a powerful dashboard.

✓   Task tile view

Use a task tile view to monitor pending, ongoing, and completed tasks in a visual manner.

✓    Task priorities

This online task manager lets you set priorities so that each task can be done as per the criticality factor.

Pricing: Starts at $9/user/month.

17. Basecamp

Basecamp-task monitoring software

Basecamp is another best task management tool that has managed to earn a place on this list. It offers features like task scheduling, file sharing, etc. to facilitate the job of managing tasks. In simple words, it lets you enjoy the perks of streamlined operations.

Features of Basecamp:

✓   Task due dates

Keep your business in a pole position by setting due dates to complete all tasks on time.

✓   Task deadlines visualization

Meet deadlines to blossom client relationships. This cloud-based task management tool shows a clear picture of the deadlines you’ve agreed on.

✓   Painless task delegation

Delegate primary and secondary tasks appropriately by bringing Basecamp into operations.

Pricing: The starting pricing of Basecamp is $99.00/month.

18. Quire

Quire-project and task management

Quire is another name that comes into the fray. It enables its users to plan and organize tasks in a perfect manner, which consequently, helps in managing business projects smoothly. Simply put, Quire could be the key for you to attain business goals.

Features of Quire:

✓   Taskboard view

With the taskboard view of Quire, you can check what’s on track and what’s not.

✓   Trouble-free recurring task management

Recurring tasks could be very problematic if they don’t get managed properly. This online task manager makes sure that you enjoy trouble-free recurring task management.

✓   Crucial analytics

Get crucial analytics on how each task is being performed. This offers great help when it comes to reducing the number of pending tasks.

Pricing: Contact Vendor

19. ClickUp

ClickUp-Task Tracker software

ClickUp is an online task manager, which can help businesses to manage workflow in such a manner that leads to high productivity. Besides a myriad of features, it gives an immersive experience to its users. Therefore, ClickUp deserves a spot in this list of best task management tools.

Features of ClickUp:

✓   Internal commenting

ClickUp allows internal commenting so that you can get all the tasks done in the desired manner.

✓   Task checklists

Complete tasks that hold high priority easily by creating checklists using this online task management software.

✓    Multiple assignees

Assign complex tasks to multiple team members and get the job done on time and within a set budget.

Pricing: Starts at $9/month.
I Done This-cloud based task manager

Last but not least, I Done This is one of the most effective task management tools that are meant to impress its users. It is easy to use and offers great help with regard to task management. So, yes, you can give a shot to this tool.

Features of I Done This:

✓   Robust reports

This top task manager offers robust reports so that you can get insights into where your team is falling short.

✓   Seamless task tracking

I Done This, a reliable task management tool, lets you keep a close eye on the progress of each task.

✓   A simple yet effective dashboard

This online task management tool offers a simple yet effective dashboard, which encourages you to handle your tasks like a pro.

Pricing: Starts at $12.50/user/month.

Ready to Adopt the Best Task Management Software?

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