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At ProProfs Project we take privacy and security very seriously and we understand that it's very important to you too. Therefore, as you are trusting us to look after your data we thought we would list some of our security & privacy practices to help give you peace of mind.

256-bit SSL encryption

All sessions on ProProfs Project are protected by 256-bit SSL encryption, the same as banks, which is provided a trusted and well known brand, Thawte, who have verified us. All attempts to connect to our application outside of HTTPS are redirected.

Separate database and application servers

Our database server which holds customer data is physically and logically separated from our cloud based application servers.

Cloud based file storage

All files, sensitive or otherwise are stored in the cloud with a well known and reputable company who have their own very strict security procedures and data redundancy.

Safe transfer of cloud files

All files saved within ProProfs Project are sent immediately through the cloud via a secure, encrypted connection and the files are not saved on any of our servers. When they are retrieved from the cloud, they are done so via a unique hash identifier and then streamed back to the client browser with no storage on our server.

World class firewall

We have a world class, state of the art firewall which blocks out all traffic except what is critical to the running of the application.

High security datacenter

Our database server is provided again by a reputable company, Rackspace, and they protect our data and the application in many ways. You can read about this here: https://www.rackspace.com/resources/security-faqs

Daily Backups

We back customer data up every day and even provide manual tools for you to export data yourself from your account if you prefer to do this yourself.

24/7 Monitoring

We have a team of engineers on standby in case anything happens, plus support agents working 24/7 to help assist with any concerns you might have. We also have 100% guaranteed network uptime.

TRUSTe Privacy Audit

We have been audited and certified by TRUSTe, who are a leading cloud privacy certification organization. They have certified us for our security and data storage practices and are happy with the way we handle security and privacy of the application.

Application Security

We have taken every effort to make sure that when designing the application that security is a top concern. We have performed many tests on our application by highly qualified engineers and ensured data, even at a company level, is secure.

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