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8 Important Skills Every Elearning Project Manager Should Possess

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What’s that one expectation every client has from its project manager?

Timely project completion.

But, there are two aspects that need to be inline, ensuring project deadlines are met. This includes:

  1. Delivery of results on, or before the deadline.
  2. Ensuring the quality of deliverable hasn’t been compromised in an attempt to finish the project before the due date arrives.

It may seem unimportant and easy to tick these two aspects off from your checklist, but it’s not.


It depends on the nature of your project. If you’ve landed up with an eLearning project, complexities get magnified. Most of these complexities run around the key ways to go about executing an eLearning course.

Let’s look at a few important things you need to look out for during eLearning project management and execution.

Designing the Course

This can be understood in two ways:

  • How the course is designed to help people learn the specifics of a subject
  • How the interface is designed for the course

Both are crucial.

It is really easy for the initial project plan and work quality to be compromised just for the sake of delivering the project on time. So, it’s the project manager’s responsibility to ensure that his team neither gives up on making the course detailed nor compromises with the user-interface.

Know the Course Better

Learning about the course and how it will serve the users is one crucial aspect. How a manager interprets the purpose depicts their acquaintance with the course. And course implementation depends on how it is understood in the first place. In short, a lot depends upon course interpretation and the success rate of a course.

Assess Risks Beforehand

Is spot on risk assessment too much to ask for?

Practically, yes.

However, it is possible to know what all risks may hamper the entire process of eLearning project management. A project manager should know how to figure out all the risks that loom over an eLearning project before entering the execution phase for the course.

This can help stakeholders and the organization avert many losses. And the course, once completed, can be launched easily.

The above-given aspects indicate that eLearning project management can be a challenging task. The question is:

  • How do you avert these issues?
  • How do you successfully deliver the project on time without giving up on quality?

The answer is simple: upgrading your current skills.

Important Skills to Master eLearning Project Management

Here are some important project management skills that every manager should have in order to be successful at delivering any eLearning project:

1. Leadership

A project leader’s role is crucial to achieving all the proposed eLearning goals. It is in their hands how they wish to move on with a project’s progress and how the team will work at every stage. They should motivate and inspire the team to maximize their potential.

Every manager has a different eLearning project management technique as it depends on team dynamics. Every team member will bring something different to the table. This is where leadership qualities will come to the rescue.

Not many prefer a bucket of ideas as they lead to confusion. So, before letting that dilemma reach you, it is important you ensure to learn the qualities of all the team members. This can help you manage multiple tasks easily. You can also get the best work out of your team members and they will be more than willing to work on future projects.

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2. Content Curation

Another focus lies in having a top-notch eLearning content. Every eLearning course must have up-to-date information. Therefore, every eLearning project manager should be aware of the relevant facts and stats to deliver quality content.

This is where they only need to pass on the best eLearning content that meets the standards. They should also know different eLearning content relevant to online learners. It helps the team to curate content on the basis of sufficient information available.

3. Latest Elearning Trends in the Industry

A successful eLearning project manager will have to stay updated with the latest eLearning trends. Information on modern tools and ideologies in the eLearning industry can help to make informed decisions while project execution takes place.

Even taking into account the new releases and competitors is seen as one of the best practices that help project managers improve their skills. However, an eLearning project manager is an exception. They should read eLearning articles, attend conferences, and connect with other eLearning professionals to get a thorough perspective of the eLearning market.

4. Time Management

Time management is yet another challenge faced during eLearning project management. A manager needs to ensure that the team is able to provide the deliverable on time without missing deadlines.

But, the real challenge is: managing the time effectively when there is a lengthy list of eLearning projects. A manager should know how to:

  • Break an eLearning project down into manageable tasks and set milestones
  • Equip themselves on what each assignment entails.
  • Never miss an opportunity to produce high-quality results and learn the importance of flexibility.
  • Account pain points to avoid missing deadlines and produce maximum results and minimal stress.

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5. The Art of Delegating Tasks

No project can be successful without proper task delegation. So how do you begin the process?

This is where communication enters the picture.

Regular interactions over projects can help you know the plus points of all the team members. Once a project manager learns its team’s talent, they can easily allocate the right task to the right person. Thus, bring the relevant person onboard for every task in a project.

6. Resource Allocation and Asset Management

Producing the best possible eLearning experience should be the goal for every project manager to achieve. So how do you achieve that goal?

Easy! Simply allocate available resources in the right place. This skill is regarded as asset management. Should be implemented once the planning phase goes into action. This helps to allocate and prevent resource wastage. One skill that no eLearning project manager should miss.

7. Know the Pulse of Your Customers

To know your customers is as important as having employees at your company. This is a basic yet essential skill that every project manager needs to work on even today. Problem is how do they know them better?

This is where a project manager needs to step into the shoes of its customers. After all, you are aiming to make your customers happy. And having happy customers works in favor of every organization. Learn the reasons for a customer’s satisfaction and continue to deliver the best service.

So, how do you keep your customers happy? By:

  • Not being defensive about your product or service before it rolls out.
  • Keeping an open view and try to understand your customer’s perspective
  • Asking what bugs them about the product
  • Trying implementing their ideas to make your product better.

8. Well Maintained Elearning Team Calendar

Want to set your priorities straight? This is where a tracker like a simple project management software will come to your rescue.

How does it help?

It comes with features that:

  • Tracks work progress easily
  • Provides a platform to set milestones
  • Helps teams stay organized.
  • Keeps team members in the loop via automatic reminders

In short, it is a perfect solution that does not allow you to miss updates on deadlines, assignments, and other changes. And you will never miss on an eLearning course when busy managing other projects.

Avoid Issues During eLearning Project Execution With Project Management Software!

Building eLearning project management skills is an essential step that professionals should take every once in a while. They help you grow better and become a lucrative option for clients. Working on your existing skills is one of the ways to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Similarly, a project manager needs to work and build their existing skills. There is no doubt that it can be a challenge and every eLearning project manager has a lot on their plate. But walking down a path such as this can help to stay on track and achieve the desired results in any project.

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