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Achieving 3 C’s of Healthcare With Effective Project Management

3 C's of healthcare project management

Healthcare is one industry that always has high expectations. According to the 2018 Global Medical Trends Survey Report, the rise in patient count increased from 6.8% in 2017 to 7.2% in 2018.

Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in demand for medical staff, skilled expertise, and efficient healthcare project management. With the medical industry gaining importance at such a fast rate, it is essential for hospitals to adopt a clinical analytics program that helps in not only offering good patient care, but also make sure they can answer their queries completely.

Among many analytics programs available, hospitals have begun to adopt the 3 Cs in healthcare program to improve customer support – Collaboration, Coordination, Continuum. Let’s discuss them in detail.

3 C’s of Healthcare

1. Collaboration

Hospitals have a large team of doctors that specialize in different fields ranging from surgeons to orthodontists. Apart from doctors, but there would be different departments and para-medical staff to cater to different patient/customer needs. But, each of these departments cannot work in isolation to provide a good patient experience.

Let’s take an example

If a patient has a fractured leg due to a car accident, there are so many departments that need to come together make sure the patient is satisfied with the hospital services. First, the patient needs to be admitted, then consult an orthopedic, and if needed, be operated by a surgeon and then undergo physiotherapy. So, there are four departments in total involved here:

  • Accounts/ billing department
  • Orthopedic department
  • Surgical department
  • Physiotherapy department

Now, if the accounts department does not take into account the doctor’s notes, they will not be able to create an accurate bill for your treatment. Similarly, without consulting the orthopedic, the surgeon or the physiotherapist may not be able to provide proper treatment. All departments need to work together and collaborate to provide a delightful customer experience.

2. Coordination

Along with team collaboration, it is also important for teams to coordinate together to get the job done and provide exceptional patient experience.

Let’s take the car accident example again. Without all the departments having a clear idea of what needs to be done, they cannot go forward with the treatment. It is important to ensure different departments coordinate and be on the same page. Physiotherapists need to begin treatment only a week after surgery, not immediately. To ensure that, they need to be in the loop and coordinate with the surgeon so that they can plan the treatment schedule.

So, team coordination is another important aspect to consider in healthcare.

3. Continuum

Continuum is the last but definitely the most important aspect in healthcare. Basically, this aspect focuses on continuing to provide good patient support. Ensuring a patient receives proper care and treatment is one thing, but keeping track of the treatment and maintaining its quality is equally important.

But, with so many patients, nurses, doctors, and surgeons, it can be difficult to keep track of various activities. Therefore, it is essential for a healthcare provider to adopt project management software. But, how would a project management software help in achieving the 3 Cs of healthcare?

Different Features in Project Management Software for Ensuring 3 Cs

A PM tool has different features that help you achieve the 3 Cs of healthcare. They include:

In healthcare, it is really important to collaborate with all departments efficiently to provide proper patient treatment. With a healthcare project management software like ProProfs Project, it is easy to:

  • Receive updates on patients such as payment information, test results, etc
  • Be in the loop on patient reports with respect to different departments
  • Keep track of upcoming patients efficiently

The email notification feature helps easily achieve the “collaboration” aspect of healthcare.

A robust project management software helps in achieving the “coordination” aspect of healthcare.

For example: Keeping track of each patient-doctor consultation is difficult, but a shared calendar feature can help you plan your day with respect to other departments. Let’s say you have a patient who needs to undergo a knee transplant. Now, you can plan the treatment strategy along with the surgeon and other departments using a shared calendar.

This not only ensures efficient patient treatment, but also makes sure everyone is updated and coordinates perfectly to achieve the main goal – performing and treating the patients’ knee problem.

Generate Project report

Providing efficient patient support is crucial, but it is equally important to maintain the support quality. So, how do you do that through a project management software? Well, the most important C of healthcare – continuum helps you keep track of everything through performance reports!

With a healthcare PM tool, it is easy to:

  • Analyze how much time doctors take to follow up on patient requests
  • Check how many patient issues have been resolved
  • Understand where doctors underperform and make necessary adjustments to improve efficiency

Right from doctor-patient consultation to following up on patient requests, everything can be analyzed through a doctors performance report.

Achieve the 3 Cs of Healthcare via a Project Management Software!

Providing a delightful patient experience is the top priority of the healthcare industry. With the 3 Cs of healthcare, many hospitals have improved their processes and enhanced patient support.

Similarly, adopting a PM tool like ProProfs Project can make a huge difference in not only improving patient experience, but also achieving the 3 Cs of healthcare.

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