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Tips & Tricks: Keep Your Client Updated

Our tips & tricks series shows you how to get the most out of ProProfs Project. We update the series often with tips such as how to share a project with your client, and how to create an invoice for your project in just a few seconds.

How to Keep Your Client Happy

It is important to make sure that you keep your client updated during any project. They will want to know how you are doing, see the progress, check you are meeting deadlines and download weekly/monthly reports for their own records.

Sometimes an email just doesn’t cut it! So here’s a better solution for you, it’s easy and free!

A Case Study

We have quite a few users on ProProfs Project who use this tip for their own business – and you told us! An example is a user (we’ll call him Bob) who does weekly SEO projects for various clients.

Bob uses project to easily manage all of his projects and clients, but he also harnesses this powerful feature that allows him to update his client every week with a progress report on the SEO campaign.

Create a Public Project

Creating a public project is simple, just check the Yes option when you create a project and you will be given a URL to go to (or you can click the magnifying glass).

Then you will be taken to the public project page which you can share with your client.

They can download a PDF or subscribe to the RSS feed. If you are on the Small Business plan your client and you can discuss the project and upload files.


Perhaps you don’t want them coming to projectproject.com and would rather keep everything white label? No problem, just download the PDF yourself and send them reports manually. Your logo will appear and they will never know anything about project! (… but what a shame that would be!)

No Login Required

If you share projects this way then your client will never need to sign up to the system. Clients will love this because they probably have so many usernames and passwords for all the Basecamp accounts they keep getting signed up to!

Just give them the URL, no sign up needed, and you don’t need to be on the Small Business plan to do this. It’s even on the free account!

What About Security?

Your project URL is pretty secure. You would have to be very lucky to guess that URL, so as long as you don’t hand it out to lots of people (e.g. Twitter!) then it’s safe. If in doubt just duplicate the project to create another URL.

If you would rather your clients did log in because you don’t want to share your projects with the world, regardless of how secure we make it out to be, then just add your client as a User (Small Business required) and then invite them to that project as a collaborator. Simple.

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