"Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." — Mattie Stepanek

Are you a business that requires employees to work remotely? Or do you exchange a ton of emails with your co-workers every day? Or you manage a handful of client projects?

In either case, you probably spend a lot of time managing remote workers and keeping your in-house teams at pace with ongoing and upcoming projects.

Undoubtedly, you must already be using a fair amount of digital and offline mediums to communicate.

But sooner or later, every business comes to terms with the fact that it’s impossible to communicate via emails and bring out collaboration at the workplace.

If you are reading this, you must be trying to solve the aforementioned and looking for a project collaboration tool.

Finding the best collaboration software is like tracing a needle in a haystack.

We have put top 20 collaboration tools together with their features and pricing to make your research and choice a little easy.

What makes an online collaboration software the best?

A smart online collaboration software tool equips you to manage all your projects, teams, clients, documents, and stakeholders using a single platform. Businesses can easily streamline the entire project management process, right from project initiation to closing. In a nutshell, it should be helping you in achieving high-efficiency levels by making project management seamless.

The table below compiles the 20 best online collaboration tools for 2022. We have also covered detailed features and pricing at the end of the table. Take a look.

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20+ Best Project Collaboration Tools and Their Key Benefits

20+ Best Online Collaboration Tools
Key Benefits
  • Meet deadlines faster with project calendar
  • Create task dependencies and save time
  • Share files, discuss & comment on tasks
  • Track time spent on each project or by team
  • Visualize milestones with Gantt charts
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  • Assign tasks to team members easily
  • Manage all projects on a single view dashboard
  • Schedule all your projects with shared calendar
  • Collaborate over projects and documents in real-time
  • Add comments to tasks using text, images, videos, & files
  • Custom notifications to stay updated on project progress
  • Collaborate with teams efficiently
  • Enhance work transparency
  • Monitor team productivity in real-time
  • Centralize all your work in one place
  • Manage multiple projects with the portfolio feature
  • Streamline internal communication
  • Keep track of projects using an appealing interface
  • Manage all project timelines alongside your team
  • Collaborate with your teams in real-time
  • Assign tasks and collaborate online
  • Task tracking
  • Task visualization
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Manage projects and streamline them efficiently
  • Send instant messages to teams on the go
  • Manage all your projects using Trello Boards
  • Assign tasks easily with the drag & drop feature
  • Define service level agreements for teams
  • Manage all tasks by creating task blueprints
  • Define milestones easily with your team
  • Keep track of all projects using Kanban Boards
  • Define team workflows and avoid any confusion
  • Drop comments to give a clear picture of task status
  • Analyze team performance with advanced reports
  • Manage all projects using channels
  • Organize projects and tasks using hashtags
  • Send direct messages to clients & team members
  • Allow different users to be part of multiple teams
  • Manage all your emails on one platform
  • Use this tool from any software or device
  • Track all project executions with Kanban Boards
  • Access notes and docs with 30+ media types
  • Integrate knowledge base to get answers to FAQs
  • Collaborate within teams to discuss projects
  • Never miss updates with automated notifications
  • Delegate tasks to relevant team members efficiently
  • Schedule all projects in a smart manner & save time
  • Manage resources efficiently with LiquidPlanner
  • Real-time cross-project visibility anytime, anywhere
  • Get real-time project status updates
  • Restrict project views to only authorized teams
  • Create reports and analyze project performance
  • Enable efficient team collaboration with integrations
  • Design templates for easy workflow creation
  • Analyze team performance via reports & analytics
  • Visualize project timelines easily
  • Create task dependencies and priorities
  • Create detailed reports within seconds
  • Manage all your projects on a single platform
  • Collaborate with team members efficiently
  • Access project information from anywhere, anytime
  • Manage teams and customers on one platform
  • Create role-based permissions easily
  • Access everything on the go with the mobile app
  • Manage all your documents easily
  • Collaborate with teams in real-time
  • Monitor team performance anytime, anywhere
  • Import all project information easily
  • Visualize milestones using Gantt chart
  • Access everything from any device

Now let’s dive deep and compare the features and pricing one by one in detail.

ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project management software is the simplest of these cloud collaboration tools and offers everything you need to manage multiple projects on a single dashboard along with efficient team collaboration features.

The best part of ProProfs is that you automated email notifications and can access your projects on the go using your smartphone.

You can plan a project with a shared calendar, visualize milestones with Gantt charts, collaborate with teams using task comments to discuss obstacles, and share files on the go.

Take a look at the individual features of this highly user-friendly online collaboration software:


  • Single Dashboard
    Single Dashboard

    View all projects and tasks on one dashboard. Assign tasks to different teams and track project execution easily on a single dashboard.

  • Gantt Chart
    Gantt Chart

    Staying up-to-date with project progress is fundamental to improve the odds of success. And gantt charts exactly help you in that regard.

  • Task Comments
    Task Comments

    Drop comments on tasks and projects to let everyone know where the project stands.

  • Timesheets

    Track time spent on every task and calculate billable and non-billable hours efficiently

  • Shared Calendar
    Shared Calendar

    Plan your project execution stages alongside your team efficiently with a shared calendar. Create Gantt charts to visualize milestones and see if you can meet deadlines easily.

  • File Sharing
    File Sharing

    Share important project-related files with teams, clients, and stakeholders easily. You can also attach them with your aligned tasks so that every concerned team member receives a copy of the file.

Why Use ProProfs Project?

  • Easy Setup

    No download, installation, or technical expertise required. Simply log in to your account and you’re good to go.

  • Simple UI

    ProProfs Project is designed in a manner that even a complete beginner can use the software to its full potential.

  • All-Round Features

    Right from project initiation to closing, ProProfs Project offers all the features needed to keep everything in check and streamline the entire process.

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2. Asana

Asana- online collaboration software

Asana is again one of the best cloud collaboration software. This tool has a mobile app that enables users to log in to their accounts from pretty much anywhere in the world. Even though the framework is quite complex and rigid, the user interface is easy to navigate and visually appealing too.

Features of Vision Helpdesk:

✓   Easy Task Assignment

Assign tasks to relevant teams instantly. Make sure you limit the teams who have access to project-related information and keep only the needed employees in the loop.

✓   Single View Dashboard

View all your projects on a single dashboard and always know where every project stands.

✓   Scheduling Calendar

Schedule project execution using the calendar view to get a clear idea about what needs to be done and by when.

Pricing: Asana starts at $10.99/user/month.

Why Use Asana?

  • Uncomplicated UI

    The UI is simple and easy to understand. So, even if you’re using the software for the first time, it is easy to find your way around the dashboard.

  • Multiple Task Assignment

    Assign multiple tasks to one person or assign multiple people to one task to ensure deadlines are met effortlessly.

  • Task Coordination

    Coordinate with your team and assign work only after seeing every team members’ schedule.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp- online collaboration tool

ClickUp is a powerful and flexible project management platform built for teams of all sizes and across any industry—even individual use. It is completely customizable and offers a fully transparent, feature-rich experience to manage your workload, monitor project updates, and collaborate in real-time, no matter what project style you use.


✓   Customizable Views

Visualize your projects in over 15 ways including List, Mind Maps, Gantt, and Kanban-like Board view.

✓   Built-in Integrations

Easily integrate with over 1,000 other tools to streamline your work in one place.

✓   Assigned Comments

Easily edit and assign comments and turn any thought into an action item, leave feedback for your team, and communicate effortlessly without needing to switch to another app.

✓   Dashboards & Reporting

Set goals and Milestones for your projects, create custom statuses, and get an instant high-level overview of your team's progress.

Pricing:ClickUp starts at $5/user/month billed annually.

Why Use ClickUp?

  • 24/7 Support

    Get the help you need when you need it. You don't need to be an expert to get the most out of this software.

  • Designed to fit your workflow

    ClickUp's flexible Hierarchy structure easily breaks down projects into manageable tasks and subtasks for your team to collaborate on.

  • Built for Collaboration

    Customize your notifications to stay on top of updates as soon as they happen.

4. Wrike

Wrike- online collaboration tool

If you are keen on folders, Wrike is the best team collaboration software for your business. You will be delighted to know that this online collaboration tool offers full visibility to its users by presenting real-time reports and status regarding team performance. Manage, track, and collaborate on multiple projects easily.


✓   Project Nesting

It has a unique feature of nesting each project task and subtasks into multiple folders that enable a convenient organization for your team members.

✓   Pre-Defined Project Templates

Create and save project templates to ease the process of adding new projects in the future. Save your teams’ time and energy with this project management software.

✓   Activity Streams

Get a clear picture of what is being done and by whom via real-time activity streams.

Pricing:Wrike starts at $9.80/user/month billed annually.

Why Use Wrike?

  • Efficient Team Collaboration

    Bring your team together and communicate over tasks and projects on the go.

  • Work Transparency

    Stay in the loop and always know what’s going on during project execution.

  • Easy Team Productivity Monitoring

    Create insightful reports and gain insight into your teams’ productivity. Improve your team's performance easily.

SmartTask is an award-winning all-in-one project management software

SmartTask is an award-winning all-in-one project management software built for teams of all sizes. It is popular for its simple user interface. It offers various team collaboration features such as instant messaging, video conferencing, commenting, tagging, and file sharing.

Moreover, it also offers task management, project portfolio, resource allocation, sales CRM, time tracking, analytics, and reporting features.


✓   Multiple Views

Visualize projects in multiple views such as List, Board, Calendar, and Timeline.

✓   Task & Project Management

Offers comprehensive task & project management features such as recurring tasks, task dependencies, reminders, project milestones, auto-scheduling, etc.

✓   Team Collaboration

Collaborate on projects with instant messaging, video conferencing, commenting, and file sharing features. You can also set automated check-ins and invite clients as guests on your projects.

✓   Time Tracking

Track time spent on tasks and estimate the budget of the project.

Pricing:SmartTask starts at $5 per user per month when billed annually.

Why Use SmartTask?

  • Simple UI

    It has zero learning curve and is easy to use for even first-time users.

  • Built-in Video Conferencing & Messaging

    Built-in video conferencing & instant messaging features eliminate the need for tools like Zoom and Slack.

  • Quick Customer Support

    Get support whenever you need it.

Monday.com- cloud collaboration software

If you like your free online collaboration tools to be extremely visual, then you can definitely integrate Monday.com with your business website to initiate and consolidate your project management requirements.


✓    Visually Appealing Interface

Effortlessly monitor and track project progress via a visually appealing interface.

✓    Timeline Management

Ensure that you maintain your timelines and meet deadlines of task completion with the schedule feature.

✓    Team Collaboration

Your collaboration with the team is far better with features like file sharing, ideas, comments, and more.

Pricing: Monday starts at $25/month billed annually.

nTask, a project management tool, has a simple interface and offers every feature you could possibly need to manage your projects. With a single platform, nTask allows you to stay on the top of multiple projects, assign tasks, and track progress with ease.


✓    Assign tasks and collaborate online

Quicker task allocation with the option for multiple assignees, collaborate in real-time by leaving comments and feedback, attach files to communicate with your team, and get notifications and reminders to ensure you never miss a deadline.

✓   Task tracking

Stay updated about the progress of task activities and taken time.

✓    Task visualization

With Gantt charts and Calendar views, you can easily monitor the progress of your projects and schedule tasks.

Pricing: nTask has a free plan available as well as subscriptions starting from $2.99/user/month.

Why Use?

  • nTask is a smarter way to manage projects

    Enjoy seamless project planning, tracking, team collaboration, and report generation on one platform.

  • Ability to hold productive team meetings

    Create meeting agendas, note down discussion points, and highlight follow-up actions and discussions effortlessly.

  • Track issues and bugs

    Track, assign, prioritize, and fix any bugs or issues that arise during the project development cycle.

Basecamp- online collaboration

An early entrant in the market, Basecamp has captured attention with its suite of collaborative tools for convenient project management. Being one of the best online collaboration tools available today, no wonder so many projects teams are using their software across the globe.


✓   Easy Interface

One interface for all your projects - it’s easy to use and efficient for all team members.

✓   Instant Messaging Platform

Chat with your teams instantly with a live chat option. Give instant updates to your team members in real-time.

✓   To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists and plan your entire days’ work to know what you need to complete on priority.

Pricing:Basecamp starts at $99/month billed annually.

Why Use Basecamp?

  • Streamlined Project Management

    Streamline all your projects and ensure all project deadlines are met hassle-free.

  • Centralized Database for Project-Related Documents

    Stop worrying about managing multiple project documents - this tool offers a centralized database to store all information easily.

  • Instant Group Chatting Features

    Keep things transparent and chat with your teams to avoid any confusion and ensure a smooth project execution.

9. Trello

Trello- cloud collaboration tool

Showcasing an interesting display similar to the card game Solitaire, Trello is leading the pack of best collaboration apps by transforming it with a card and board views interface. With its standout drag and drop Kanban board feature, you can promptly get an overview of any project and check out individual task completion responsibilities.


✓    Trello Boards

Keep track of all your projects using Kanban boards easily.

✓    Drag & Drop

Drag and drop tasks in any Kanban board & streamline the entire execution process.

✓    Mentions

Tag your team in tasks or projects and let them know how to proceed with the project execution.

Pricing: Trello starts at $9.99/user/month billed annually.

Why Use Trello?

  • Powerful Integrations

    Integrate 3rd party software to this robust project collaboration software and use it to its full potential.

  • Creative View Boards

    View all project boards alongside your team and keep them in the loop in real-time.

  • Dynamic Task Assignment

    Assign tasks to team members by simply dragging the task in their Trello board.

Zoho Projects- cloud collaboration software

Zoho Projects is a highly sought after online collaboration software. Right from project initiation to closing, you can track everything that is done using Zoho Projects. Not only that, you can split projects into subtasks and define milestones to meet project deadlines easily. Create task blueprints to stay on top of all project execution processes with this PM tool.


✓   Task Blueprints

Create task blueprints and save them for future reference to make task creation and execution easier.

✓   Milestone Definition

Define project milestones easily and share every milestone detail with your team members in real-time.

✓   Kanban Boards

Manage all your projects effortlessly and in an organized manner using dynamic Kanban boards.

Pricing: Zoho Projects starts at $12/month billed annually.

Why Use Zoho Projects?

  • Easily Identify Project Bottlenecks

    This online collaboration software makes it really easy to identify project bottlenecks and keeps things transparent for users.

  • Efficient Task Automation

    Automate task creation and make it easy to streamline the entire task creation process alongside your team.

  • Meet Deadlines Effortlessly

    Collaborate with relevant teams efficiently and meet all your set deadlines easily.

11. Scoro

Scoro- collaboration tool

Scoro is one of the simplest online collaboration software applications. It can help you organize communication within teams using a single platform. Compared to other online business collaboration tools, Scoro boasts of the best reporting capabilities in the market.


✓    Workflow Definition

Define all your workflows easily alongside your team in real-time.

✓   Task Comments

Drop comments to instruct your team on how to go about completing tasks while meeting the company's quality standards.

✓   Advanced Reporting

Create reports that showcase all essential data that analyzes team performance and productivity.

Pricing: Scoro starts at $26/user/month billed annually.

12. Slack

Slack- team collaboration software

Slack is one of the fastest-growing start-ups and quickly gaining a reputation of being one of the most flexible cloud collaboration tools available to businesses today. Remote teams are going gaga over this powerhouse messaging app.


✓    Channel Project Management

Manage all your projects in channels and always keep everything on track easily.

✓    Hashtags

Use hashtags to organize projects and tasks efficiently.

✓    Direct Messaging

Send messages to your team members directly using this free collaboration tool.

Pricing: Slack starts at $26/user/month billed annually.

13. Fleep

Fleep- cloud-based collaboration software

Fleep, one of the top web collaboration software, offers a gamut of indispensable features so that you can bring the best out of your teams in different departments. Its hallmark function allows you to connect and collaborate with any Fleep user regardless of the team set up, across businesses.


✓   Open Network

Fleep is an open network platform that allows users to access and be part of multiple teams.

✓   Email Integration

Have conversations with Fleep users by integrating any email account.

✓   Multi-OS Support

You can use this multifaceted tool from any operating system like PC or Mac, Android or iPhone with an active internet connection.

Pricing: Fleep starts at $5/user/month billed annually.

14. Notion

Notion- team collaboration tool

Notion is being accepted across businesses as one of the most progressive collaboration tools on the cloud, especially because it transforms a complex problem into something quite simple. Notion reduces the possibilities of losing sight over workflow, as it is the combined result of four tools (‘Notes & Docs,’ ‘Knowledge Base,’ ‘Tasks & Projects,’ and ‘Spreadsheets & Databases’).


✓   Kanban Board

Lightweight features like Kanban board, calendar, and list views help organize projects and tasks.

✓    30+ Media Type Support

Replacing Google docs and Evernote, now access Notes & Docs with Notion that comes with 30+ media types and offers a top-class writing experience.

✓   Knowledge Base Integration

Set up a knowledge base where answers are easy to find.

Pricing:Notion starts at $4/user/month billed annually.

15. ProofHub

ProofHub- online business collaboration tool

If you are on the lookout for an advanced project management platform, Proofhub is one of the best collaboration software online in the market. Management of projects is made easier by Proofhub’s online proofing tool.


✓    Discussions

Let go of long and messy email threads and say hello to discussions that bring together client and team on a single forum via several topics.

✓   Automatic Notifications

Team members are automatically notified whenever a task along with priorities and deadlines is assigned.

✓   Task Delegation

Delegate tasks as per your workflow depending on the project stage via Kanban boards.

Pricing:ProofHub starts at $45/month billed annually.
LiquidPlanner- cloud-based collaboration software

Using intelligent, resource-driven scheduling technology, LiquidPlanner is one of the smartest cloud-based collaboration tools that drives teams to work efficiently and attain their goals with conviction.


✓   Smart Scheduling

Accommodate multiple project updates with its smart scheduling feature and account for the best and worst-case scenarios.

✓   Resource Management

Check team member availability with LiquidPlanner’s resource management function in real-time.

✓   Project Visibility

Access real-time cross-project visibility, task and project status along with relevant information.

Pricing: LiquidPlanner starts at $45/user/month billed annually.
Evernote Business- online business collaboration tool

If you plan on working with a reasonably large team located remotely or if you travel a lot, then Evernote Business, one of the best collaboration cloud software, will suit your business requirements perfectly. The designing of the tool allows you to access your team’s collective knowledge from a single dashboard.


✓   Real-Time Updates

As your projects evolve with time, you can share ideas and real-time updates with your team members.

✓   Permissions

Have dedicated workspaces by sharing permissions to set up and organize your team that works best with your project objectives and goals.

✓   Reporting

Always be in line with project progress reports that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, even if you are offline.

Pricing: Evernote Business starts at $14.99/user/month billed annually.

19. Gantt Pro

Gantt Pro- collaboration tool

GanttPRO is one of the top collaboration tools using a comparison chart, also known as Gantt charts for web-based project planning. You can quickly understand the software functioning in as little as 5 to 10 minutes and progress towards being labeled as an advanced user.


✓   Task Timelines

Large projects can be categorized into defined tasks with assigned start and end dates to mark a clear timeline using Gantt charts.

✓   Task Dependencies

The tool enables you to create tasks, dependencies between tasks and assign to individual team members along with progress tracking and initiating collaboration between project participants.

✓   Reports

Track team performance such as underperformance or overload via GanttPRO’s resource management feature.

Pricing:Gantt Pro starts at $15/user/month billed annually.
Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is one of the simplest yet powerful and free online collaboration tools that completely redefines your team communication and collaboration efforts. You can stay absolutely in control of your projects in a focussed and organized manner.


✓   Project Management

Manage easy to complex level projects via a suite of tools that can help you get started conveniently.

✓   Customer Engagement

Help your sales team to be more productive with Acquire’s all-in-one customer engagement platform.

✓    Role-Based Permissions

Create role-based permissions allowing or restricting access to download, co-browse and view customer screens.

✓    Mobile App

Support teams can interact with clients across channels including web and mobile.

Pricing: Acquire starts at $300/month billed annually.

21. Teamwork

Teamwork- team collaboration tool

To focus on meaningful work that matters, integrate your business website with Teamwork, one of the favorite online collaboration tools. Its suite of work management software allows your team members to deliver the desired results for the business.


✓    Teamwork Spaces

Use Teamwork Spaces; it’s smart documentation software to treat your vital documents with care.

✓   Teamwork CRM

Close deals with and increase revenue with Teamwork CRM.

✓   Teamwork Product Suite

Get your team logistics in order with Teamwork Product Suite to ensure that things get done on time.

Pricing: Teamwork starts at $9/user/month billed annually.
Smartsheet- team collaboration software

If you have a team working from disparate locations and time zones, unquestionably, getting everyone on the same page can be quite a task. With Smartsheet, one of the top team collaboration tools, it is no longer a challenge.


✓    Importing Features

Easily import existing projects or get started in minutes using pre-built templates.

✓    Gantt Chart

Gantt charts, resource management, automated workflows are key functions that help you manage projects of any size.

✓   All Device Support

Use any device to access tasks calendars, files, and discussions in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

Pricing: Smartsheet starts at $14/user/month billed annually.

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