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Recur Tasks & Projects Easily With ProProfs Project

Recur tasks & projects easily with ProProfs Project

Start the drum roll. Cue the lights. Welcome on to the stage part two of our big update, Recurring Projects and Tasks! Or in other words, a way to save more time!

Yes. You asked for it. We finally did it. ProProfs Project now offers this incredibly useful new feature that allows you to recur your commonly repeated projects and tasks, even down to a sub-task level.

Let’s show you how it works.

Automation after just one click

You probably know already that you can set up project templates which contain tasks that are often the same, for example in a web design project you would have “Logo Design”, “HTML Build” etc. This can be done by checking the “Save as Template” checkbox in the Edit Project page.

However, with the new Recurring Projects feature you can set a project to repeat weekly, monthly or yearly (there are other options too), and when it’s done it will just duplicate itself, and all of its tasks. Handy!

For example, lets say you have a magazine that goes out every month on the 1st for example. If you set up a Recurring Project to go out ‘monthly’ and you set the due date to the 1st, whenever you complete the project it will create a new one for you to complete.

Recurring tasks and sub-tasks

Not only can you recur projects, you can recur tasks and sub-tasks too.

Lets say you have a marketing project set up, and in that project you have a blog post that needs to go out every week. Create a weekly recurring task and when it’s done, another will be created with the due dates automatically calculated. If it’s a task, it will include all the child sub-tasks too with the dates automatically calculated based on the parent task.

Oh, and did we mention that you can recur sub-tasks too?!

Choose a time interval

Your dates are automatically calculated based on the time interval you set, and the due date. So if you want a task to recur every month on the 15th, set the time interval to Monthly in the Edit Task (or Project) page, and set the due date to the 15th of next month.

You can set your projects and tasks to repeat:

  • Daily (these will always recur tomorrow)
  • Weekly (a week after the due date)
  • Monthly (a month after the due date)
  • Quarterly (3 months after the due date)
  • Semi-annually (6 months after the due date)
  • Yearly (1 year after the due date)

We hope you enjoy this new feature and hope it saves you even more time!

The ProProfs Project Team

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