"Those who plan do better than those who do not plan, even should they really stick to their plan."— Winston Churchill

What Is the Best Marketing Project Management Software?

The best marketing project management software is an all-rounder tool that is used by a wide range of companies from different industries for project planning, client management, resource allocation, and scheduling. This tool enables companies to gain complete control over their budget, project quality, and all project-related documentation. Among all these aspects, project management software is also useful in monitoring project and team performance.

Organizations that adopt a particular PM methodology are 28% less likely to foresee budget overruns.

Researching and choosing among the best marketing project management software can be a task, but we are here to make it a bit easy!

Let’s see what are marketing project management tools and which are the top 20 you must shortlist when trying to finalize one for your organization.

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Top 20 Project Management Systems and Their Key Features:

20+ Best Project Management Software
Key Features
  • Manage all projects on one platform
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks Easily
  • Collaborate With Teams Efficiently
  • Visualize Milestones via Gantt Charts
  • Track Projects From Start to Finish
Pricing starts at $0/user/month
  • Manage All Documents Easily
  • Ensure Authorized Access
  • Resolve Project Issues Efficiently
  • Visualize team workload with Gantt chart, Calendar view, and more
  • Manage tasks across teams and departments
  • Customizable dashboards to suit the project and team needs
  • Manage Tasks On One Platform
  • Collaborate With Teams On the Go
  • Track Time Spent on Projects
  • Plan Project Execution Via Multiple Views
  • Create Gantt Charts For Efficient Planning
  • Meet Project Deadlines With To-Do Lists
  • Plan your projects smoothly by using its powerful dashboard
  • Monitor your project’s progress with interactive Gantt charts
  • Get an overview of your expenses in real-time
  • Stay Updated on Projects
  • Integrate Your Existing Email
  • Create Customizable Reports
  • Get Automated Email Notifications
  • Collaborate With Your Team Efficiently
  • Integrate a Knowledge Base for Self-Help
  • Track Timesheet Entries
  • Create Detailed Reports in Minutes
  • Schedule Projects Easily
  • Track Project Budget Accurately
  • Plan Project Execution With Your Teams
  • Manage Project-Related Documents
  • Manage All Projects Effectively
  • Keep Your Clients in the Loop
  • Track Time Spent on Projects Accurately
  • Manage Projects via Kanban Boards
  • Bring Teams Together
  • Track All Project Expenses Accurately
  • Track Project Milestones Easily
  • Manage All Your Clients on One Portal
  • Get Alerts & Notifications in Real-Time
  • Save, Access, & Manage All Project Files
  • Mark Important Dates in Your Calendar
  • Generate Detailed Reports
  • Plan Projects With Gantt Charts
  • Manage Projects With Kanban Board
  • Monitor Team Performance With Reports
  • Create Custom Fields Easily
  • Track Projects From Start to Finish
  • Receive Important Project Updates
  • Manage All Your Users Efficiently
  • Create, Access, Manage Tasks
  • Do More With Apps & Workspaces
  • Prioritize Your Tasks as Required
  • View Your Daily Tasks in Calendar View
  • Create Gantt Charts to Plan Projects
  • Track Time Spent on Tasks & Projects
  • Plan How to Utilize Project Resources
  • Generate All-Inclusive Reports
  • Create Daily To-Do Lists
  • Manage All Your Teams Efficiently
  • Brand Your Tools With Your Logo
  • Track Milestones Easily
  • Manage All Projects With Kanban Boards
  • Ensure Efficient Resource Management
  • Create & Manage Projects Easily
  • Get Deadline Reminders Automatically
  • Assign Tasks to Relevant Teams

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the individual features, pricing, and why to use the above project management software.

ProProfs Project-marketing project management software

An all-in-one project management software, ProProfs Project equips you with advanced features that enable easy management of your marketing projects, teams, clients, and other stakeholders. Right from creating a perfect project plan to calculating billable hours, everything is streamlined with this amazing project management software. If you are looking for a tool for your marketing-specific projects, you needn’t think twice - this tool is one of the best project management tools for marketing agencies.


  • Single Dashboard
    Single View

    Manage all your projects, teams, and tasks on one single platform efficiently.

  • Visualize project milestones With Gantt chart maker
    Gantt Chart

    Visualize project milestones and create the perfect project plan using Gantt charts.

  • Visualize project milestones With Gantt chart maker
    Reports, Analytics, & Invoicing

    Create insightful reports and auto calculate billable hours for accurate invoices.

Why Use?

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks Easily

    Create task dependencies and ensure teams move on to new tasks only after completing the existing one.

  • Collaborate With Teams Efficiently

    Get project updates anytime from anywhere and collaborate with your team via file sharing and task commenting.

  • Track Projects From Start to Finish

    Right from initiation to planning to implementation, stay on top of everything with ProProfs Project.

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Zoho Projects-marketing project management tool

Zoho Projects is one of the most extensive project management software in the market that comes with an easy-to-understand user interface. It is equipped with all the features needed to manage projects, teams, and clients. Zoho Projects also enables companies to integrate multiple tools to streamline their project processes efficiently.


✓    Document Management

Manage all your project-related documents easily on one platform.

✓   Access Control

Ensure only authorized team members get access to projects and tasks.

✓   Issue Management

Track and manage all project issues efficiently & avoid them in the long run.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $25/user/month

Why Use?

  • Plan Projects With Milestones

    Create milestones to plan projects alongside your entire team.

  • Collaborate With Teams Easily

    Keep your team in the loop with collaboration features & ensure all deadlines are met.

  • Monitor Overall Performance With Reports

    Generate detailed reports to monitor teams and project performance effectively.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp- online collaboration tool

ClickUp is a powerful productivity platform that allows marketing teams of any size to effectively manage tasks, campaigns, docs, and clients—all in one place. Teams choose ClickUp because it's completely customizable, offers a feature-rich experience that scales with your workload, and is built to take on any creative task including content, social media, email marketing, and more.


✓   Task Management

Consistent Hierarchy system to structure any project down to the last subtask and checklist.

✓   Multiple views

Visualize your workload and campaigns in over 15 different ways including Gantt, Calendar, Mind Maps, and Board.

✓   Dashboards and Reporting

Customize Dashboards according to fit your workflow preferences and business needs, as well as get access to real-time reports.

Pricing:Pricing starts from $5/user per month

Why Use ClickUp?

  • Collaborate More Effectively

    Assign and edit comments to create action items or provide feedback from virtually anywhere in ClickUp

  • Promotes Transparency

    Add watchers and custom statuses to tasks to stay on top of all progress

  • Integration Capabilities

    Connect to over 1,000 other work tools into ClickUp to further streamline your work

RaveTree-project management software for marketing

Built especially for agencies, RaveTree is a robust work management software that enables companies to manage projects, resources, teams, clients, and stakeholders. Along with all that, this software also comes with features that help in managing your teams’ time and effort efficiently.


✓   Task Management

Create, assign, manage, & track all your tasks in real-time.

✓   Collaboration

Collaborate with all your teams easily and ensure timely project deliveries.

✓   Time Tracking

Track the exact time spent on each project & task with the Time Tracking feature.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $39/month

Why Use?

  • Easy Customization

    Customize the tool according to your requirements & make it easy to use.

  • Single View

    View all your teams, projects, tasks, and clients on one page with all the important information.

  • Tracking Projects Efficiently

    Track projects right from its initiation to planning to implementation to closing.

5. Hive

Hive-project management for marketing

Hive is a cloud-based project management tool that is suited for companies of any size and any industry. Right from managing mundane tasks to efficient collaboration among your team members, Hive is a great choice for effective marketing project management software.


✓   Multiple Views

Check your project’s progress, time spent on the project, & other details with multiple views.

✓   Gantt Chart

Plan your project execution strategy efficiently by creating accurate Gantt charts.

✓   To-Do Lists

Create detailed to-do lists to ensure you know what needs to be done on a daily basis.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $12/user/month

Why Use?

  • Boost Project Flexibility

    Organize workloads and resources to ensure more project flexibility throughout the project’s lifecycle.

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks Easily

    Create a template for repetitive tasks and eradicate the need to create the same task again!

  • Organize Projects Efficiently

    Manage and categorize projects easily and filter them on the basis of progress, deadlines, teams, etc.

Zoho Projects-marketing project management tool

nTask Projects is an all-in-one work management tool that enables individuals and teams to plan, execute, and analyze projects on a single platform. The application comes with robust features that allow its users to hit the deadlines. Using nTask app, users can allocate resources, manage their project budget, create task dependencies, and milestones.


✓    Project Planning

Plan your projects smoothly by using its powerful dashboard.

✓   Gantt Charts

Monitor your project’s progress with interactive Gantt charts.

✓    Financial Summary

Get an overview of your expenses in real-time.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $2.99/user/month

Why Use?

  • Efficient Project Management

    Manage projects from start to finish easily on an integrated platform.

  • Multiple Views

    Organize your tasks and projects in a grid, list, calendar, Gantt, and boards view.

  • Easy Team Collaboration

    Give your team the ability to collaborate on tasks, projects, and issues to get the job done on time.

7. Wrike

Wrike-marketing workflow management tool

Wrike is both project management and team collaboration software that enables companies to streamline the entire project management process. Right from initiating a project to implementing it to ensuring all deadlines are met, Wrike is a good choice to add in your shortlist.


✓   Real-Time Newsfeed

Get real-time project updates with Wrike’s automated newsfeeds.

✓   Email Integration

Integrate your current email with Wrike’s database and never miss a project update again.

✓   Customizable Reports

Create customizable reports to receive only that information that you need.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $9.80/user/month

Why Use?

  • Share Data Hassle-Free

    Send project-related information to your colleagues, clients, or stakeholders easily.

  • Track Overall Project Progress Easily

    Monitor project progress right from start to finish efficiently.

  • Monitor Team Performance Efficiently

    Create reports and monitor team & overall company’s performance regarding project deliveries.

Monday.com-marketing project management software

Monday.com is a great project management tool for managing all your projects in the form of workflows. Create detailed workflows with all the elements of your project and share it with relevant teams anytime, anywhere. You can also collaborate with teams easily.


✓   Email Notifications

Get regular project updates automatically with Monday.com’s email notification feature.

✓   Team Collaboration

Bring your teams closer and keep them in the loop with team collaboration features.

✓   Knowledge Base Integration

Integrate a robust knowledge base with this tool to enable self-help when required.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $17/user/month
FunctionFox-marketing project tracking tool

A simple marketing project management software, FunctionFox, also comes with a timesheet system that makes it easy for companies to keep track of expenses. Bring teams together and ensure all projects are executed on time and within budget with FunctionFox.


✓   Timesheet Entry

Track time spent on each project & task to ensure accurate, timely payments.

✓   Reports

Create detailed reports and monitor your entire team's performance on the go.

✓   Project Scheduling

Plan and generate an in-depth project schedule to ensure your deadlines are met easily.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $5/user/month

10. Clarizen

Clarizen-project management marketing

Built especially for enterprises, Clarizen offers a lot of features for collaborative work management. This tool enables companies to transform their ideas into strategies and actions easily. You can also discuss plans with teams and always be prepared for any risks.


✓   Budget Tracking

Track project budget from initiation to closing to ensure you don’t overspend during execution.

✓   Collaborative Planning

Create a contingency plan alongside your team and ensure they deliver all deliverables in time.

✓   Document Management

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing documents, Clarizen makes all document management simple & easy!

Pricing: Contact Vendor.
WorkFlowMax-marketing project management software

WorkfFlowMax, a project management software acquired by Xero, offers everything you need to ensure streamlined project management. Right from taking on a project to closing one, this tool gives you features to monitor performance and bill clients accurately.


✓   Project Management

Manage all your projects easily with this marketing project software.

✓   Client Management

Keep clients in the loop and manage all their requirements efficiently.

✓   Time Tracking

Track time spent on tasks with one of the best marketing project management software.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $15/user/month

12. Brightpod

Brightpod-marketing project management tool

Brightpod is specially designed for marketing teams to streamline their entire project management process. You can plan, track, manage, collaborate, and complete projects easily with this robust project management software.


✓   Kanban Board

Use Kanban Boards to streamline your project management processes.

✓   Team Collaboration

Collaborate with teams easily with project management marketing software.

✓   Expense Tracking

Track all your project expenses on just one platform efficiently.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $29/user/month

13. Basecamp

Basecamp-marketing project management software

Manage all your projects with Basecamp. Collaborate with teams, track projects from start to finish, and stay on top of every new development regarding project execution. You can also manage files easily with this project management software.


✓   Milestone Tracking

Create project milestones and track them from start to finish easily.

✓   Client Portal

Manage all your clients with one of the best project management software for marketing.

✓   Alerts & Notifications

Get automatic alerts and notifications on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $99/month
Teamwork Projects-project management for marketing

Teamwork Projects is an all-round project management software that is designed to manage projects, clients, tasks, stakeholders, teams, and others associated with a project. Not only that, it is really easy to use, and the UI is easy to understand - but sometimes complex for large projects.


✓   File Management

Share and manage all your project-related files with this marketing project software.

✓   Marked Calendar

Add important dates on your calendar and mark the dates that you need to remember.

✓   Reporting

Create reports to gain insight into team and project performance.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $69/month
LiquidPlanner-marketing workflow management tool

Here’s a project management software that is designed to adapt to your business automatically, according to the resources and priorities of users. This software supports cross-product visibility and expense tracking to be prepared for any project risks in the long run.


✓   Gantt Charts

Plan project execution & other strategies easily with detailed Gantt Charts.

✓   Kanban Board

Streamline all project management processes with Kanban Boards.

✓   Reporting & Analytics

Analyze overall project performance by creating detailed reports.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $9.99/user/month

16. Asana

Asana-marketing project software

Asana is another popular project management software that deserves a mention in this list. Although the dashboard sometimes gets complicated, the features offered by this tool make project management simple, easy, and convenient.


✓   Custom Fields

Create custom fields and filter out important information that you need regarding projects.

✓   Project Tracking

Track projects from start to finish and ensure everything is delivered in-time.

✓   Smart Box

Stay on top of all project updates with a dedicated platform for alerts and notifications.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $9.99/user/month

17. Podio

Podio-marketing project management software

A top project management tool mainly used for communication and organizational purposes, Podio is one software that you must consider when looking for the right choice. This tool enables companies to personalize the platform and streamline all processes easily.


✓   User Management

Manage all your users on one platform and track their productivity easily.

✓   Task Management

Create, assign, manage, and track all your tasks efficiently to ensure everything is on track.

✓   Apps & Workspaces

Divide work into workspaces to avoid issues or confusions when working on multiple projects.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $9/user/month
Workamajig -best marketing project software

Designed specifically for creative teams, Workamajig Platinum is a great project management system to deliver projects in time. Plan, organize and manage all your projects easily across your organization on a single platform.


✓   Task Prioritization

Prioritize all your tasks easily and assign them on the basis of urgency among your teams.

✓   Calendar View

View all your tasks and daily requirements in an organized manner via calendar view.

✓   Gantt Chart

Create detailed Gantt charts and gain insight into project timelines and deadlines.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $32/user/month

19. 10,000ft

10,000ft-project management software for marketing

10,000ft is a resource management software that also deals with project management. This tool not only makes it easy to streamline the entire project management process but mainly focuses on how your resources will be utilized efficiently.


✓   Time Tracking

Track all time spent on tasks and allocate resources accordingly.

✓   Resource Planning

Plan all your resources efficiently so that you can deliver your projects within the defined limit.

✓   Reporting

Monitor the overall project and team productivity easily with detailed reports.

Pricing: Contact Vendor
File Stage-marketing project tracking tool

In our marketing project management software comparison, FileStage comes at the 18th position. This tool is mainly used by marketing agencies or media companies for content-specific projects. It’s simple, easy, and fun to use!


✓   To-Do Lists

Create and manage to-do lists and know what needs to be done on a daily basis.

✓   Basic Team Management

Manage all teams on one platform easily with this project management software for marketing.

✓   Custom Branding

White label the entire tool according to your company color, logo, etc.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $99/month

21. ProofHub

ProofHub-marketing project management tool

One of the best project management software for marketing departments, ProofHub is well-known for its simplicity and functionality. It enables companies to streamline the entire project management process with not only the teams involved but also the clients & stakeholders.


✓   Milestone Tracking

Track all project milestones on one platform easily.

✓   Kanban Board

Create customizable Kanban Boards and manage everything efficiently.

✓   Resource Management

Assign resources and manage them efficiently to ensure projects are delivered within limits.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $25/user/month

22. Trello

Trello-best Marketing project management tool

Solely working on a kanban board, Trello is one of the best marketing project management software that is mostly designed for creative teams. Through the kanban view, you can avoid unnecessary hassle and handle a multitude of projects without breaking a sweat.


✓   Kanban Board

Manage all your projects & collaborate on them with teams easily using Kanban Boards.

✓   Deadline Reminders

Get automatic reminders regarding project deadlines to ensure timely deliveries & zero delays.

✓   Task Assignment

Assign tasks to relevant teams and departments with Trello.

Pricing: Pricing starts from $9.99/user/month

Ready to Adopt the Best Marketing Project Management Software?

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  • Identify your needs and go for the one that you think makes the cut.
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