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17 Best Team Management Software for 2022

Best team management software

In search of the best team management software for your organization but not sure where to start?

While some tools are complex to use, others have limited features. Also, some tools focus only on task assignments, and others integrate with only a few popular apps. Many don’t provide real time reports of team activities.

Clearly, finding the right tool for your team’s requirements is a challenge, given that the market is replete with tools promising great results when only a few actually deliver what they promise.

But, worry not. We’ve got your back.

It’s a no-brainer that team management is essential for successful project management. It helps you create a culture of collaboration and communication that makes it easier for team members to work together towards a common goal. 

And unsurprisingly, managing multiple teams working across projects can turn out to be a nightmare. You’ve to keep a constant check on what each team and team member is working on and how the projects are progressing. This is where a powerful team management tool can make the job easier for you.

Here we’ll cover 15 best team management software to help you analyze, compare, and make an informed choice.

Let’s begin.

A Quick Look at Top Team Management Software & Their Key Features

Software Key Features Price
ProProfs Project Single dashboard

File sharing and task comments

Insightful reports and analytics

Gantt charts, Kanban board, Calendar view

List view
Invoice generation

Essentials - $2/user/month
Premium - $4/user/month
Chanty Teambook access

User friendly platform

@mention highlight

Short learning curve

Customized permissions and roles

Free - $0
Business - $3/user/month
ClickUp Task prioritization

Project automation

Built-in templates

Resource management

Unlimited Gantt charts

Free Forever - $0

Unlimited - $9

Business - $19

Business Plus - $29

Enterprise - Available on request

Slack Team chat

Video conferencing

Screen sharing

Seamless integrations

Automated risk management

Free - $0/month
Pro - $2.67/month
Business+ - $5/month
Enterprise Grid - Available on Request
nTask Resource allocation

Task comments

Team chat

Issue tracking

Time tracking

Basic - $0
Premium - $3.99/user/month
Business - $11.99/user/month
Enterprise - Available on Request
Zoho Workplace File storage and management

Charts and reports

Chat room discussions


Gantt charts

Standard - $1.32/user/month
Professional - $5.33/user/month
Mail-only plan - $0.78/user/month
Proofhub Custom roles

Timeline view

Automatic reminders

Third party integrations

Mobile notifications

Ultimate Control - $89/month (Unlimited users)
Essential - $45/month (Unlimited users)
BITRIX24 Time management


File sharing on the go

Shared calendars

Stream messages

Free - $0

Special Plans
Start+ - $19/month (2 users)
CRM+ - $55/month (6 users)
Project+ - $55/month (24 users)

Business plans
Standard - $79/month (50 users)
Professional - $159/month (unlimited)

Toggl Time tracking

Revenue tracking

Seamless app integrations

Team scheduling

Mobile app

Free - $0
Starter - $9/user/month
Premium - $18/user/month
Enterprise - Available On Request
Teamwork Document management

Simple and intuitive UI

Alerts and notifications

Access controls and permissions

Real time project updates

Free forever - $0
Deliver - $10/user/month
Grow - $/18/user/month
Enterprise - Available On Request
Hubstaff Time tracking

Advanced reports

Employee screenshot monitoring

Automated payroll

To-do lists

Desk free - $0
Desk Starter - $7/user/month
Desk Pro - $10/user/month
Enterprise - $20/user/month
Asana 50+ templates

Task management

Custom fields

Task comments

User friendly dashboard

Basic - $0
Premium - $10.99
Business - $24.99
ActiveCollab Time tracking


Task prioritization

Task scheduling

Customizable dashboard

Free - $0 (3 members)
Plus - $7.5 (3 members)
Pro - $6.25/user/month
Yammer Document management

Third party integrations

Workflow management


Milestone tracking

Microsoft 365 E3 - $30.94/user/month
Microsoft 365 E5 - $55.11/user/month
Microsoft 365 F3 - $7.72/user/month
Microsoft Project Timeline view

Portfolio management

Resource management

Gantt chart/Kanban view

Budget analysis

Project Plan 1 - $9.63
Project Plan 3 - $28.89
Project Plan 5 - $52.97
Basecamp Hill charts

To-do lists

Multiple project views

Message boards

Automatic check in questions

Basecamp Business - $99/month
Teamweek Drag and drop functionality

Gantt charts

Team management

Timeline view

User friendly

10 users - $34/month
20 users - $69/month
40 users - $129/month
100 users - $269/month
LiquidPlanner Time tracking

Project scheduling

Project forecasting

Resource management

Ease of use

Free - $0
Essentials - $29/user/month
Professional - $39/user/month
Ultimate - Available On Request

What is Team Management Software?

Team management software is a tool that helps teams communicate effectively and work in collaboration to achieve project goals. As a result, it increases team productivity and improves the quality of the deliverables. For project managers too, this tool is an asset. The ideal team management software brings all projects on a single dashboard, allowing managers to assign tasks, manage resources, and track team progress from a centralized location.

Why Do You Need a Team Management Tool?

Did you know that 97% of employees and executives believe that lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project?

Yes, the percentage is almost hitting the roof. But, what do you think can align team activities for a shared business goal? Yes! A feature-rich team management tool.

An all-in-one team management tool promises team productivity and achievable targets within the set deadline. Achieve more with less effort with software that offers overall team management for all your upcoming projects. Whether you’re aiming at improved collaboration, higher productivity or better resource management – do it all with the right team management tool.

Must-Have Features of a Team Management Software

Managing multiple teams across multiple departments is a daunting task. The situation worsens when you’re also handling multiple projects. This is when a solid team management tool comes into play.

While searching for the best team management software, it’s crucial to look for key features that are aligned with your requirements. Here are the top features that  you must look out for:

1. Easy-to-Use

An ideal team management software is easy to use. Installing and setting it up takes little to no time. The best part is such tools can be used by both beginners and experts. This means even if you don’t know how to code, you can still make the most of their features. A short learning curve ensures that the team instantly adjusts to using the software.

2. Real Time Collaboration

Real time collaboration is essential for a team to move in the same direction without any hiccups. Your team should be able to discuss tasks and bottlenecks in real time.. The @mention feature found in such software keeps the concerned people involved in the conversations. Incorporating changes becomes easier with a robust feedback mechanism on each task and subtask.

3. Resource Management

Managing resources include acquiring and allocating resources such as manpower, equipment, and funds for successful project completion. The resources for a given project may vary according to project type and project scope. The right tool ensures no last-minute resource requirements with its accurate resource analysis.

4. Alerts and Notifications

While working on a project, you are bound to miss a few things that are required for project delivery. The alert feature alerts you about a pending task or an approaching deadline. The notifications notify you about an upcoming meeting or a completed milestone. Timely alerts and notifications hugely impact the efficiency of your workflow.

5. Effective Time Tracking

Time tracking is one of the most important features of a robust team management tool. It is a smart way to track accurate productive hours of each team member while getting access to availability and non-availability of manpower for future tasks. This in-built feature increases efficiency and gets more done to achieve set targets faster.

6. Insightful Reports

Whether you need insight into tasks overdue, resource allocation or ongoing project workflow, well-analyzed reports aid decision making and help project managers get easy access to ready reports right from a tool’s dashboard. With these actionable reports, you and your team can also identify areas of improvement and upgrade processes for upcoming projects.

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How to Choose the Right Team Management Software?

Once you have noted the must-have features of a team management software, you must also keep a few things in mind before selecting the tool. Here are a few points that you must remember.

1. Key Features

A team management tool is packed with feature-rich capabilities. An ideal tool is easy to navigate and user-friendly. It lets you seamlessly create tasks, assign resources and set deadlines within minutes. Also, you can get started with projects immediately with such a tool’s customized project templates that offer previously set processes and workflows. With this, you do not have to set up the tool from scratch for similar projects. In addition, it offers setting up of automation functionality for smooth team workflow management.

2. Size of the Team

Wondering how the size of a team plays an important role while selecting the best team management tool? Well, a tool should be able to manage any number of team members. As team size increases, the tool must scale into a full team management platform for bigger teams.

3. Versatility

A good tool should be versatile enough to handle projects across fields from IT and HR to marketing and creative. Thus, before selecting a team management tool, ensure that the tool is capable of onboarding projects of a wide range of industries. 

4. Simple Interface

Go for a team management software that has a simple layout and an interactive dashboard that lets you assign tasks, determine deadlines and check for probable roadblocks in a jiffy. A clean interface allows easy setup and coordination of project activities. Besides, the drag and drop functionality is an added capability to look out for in a tool.

5. Pricing

Pricing is probably the most important of all considerations. A tool might have a simple  interface and amazing features, however, what will matter in the end is whether you can afford the tool in the longer run. Investing in a tool and abandoning it in a few months will only result in project failures. Go for software that gives you the best features and functions at a price that fits your budget. .

List of Best Team Management Software

The best team management software should be user-friendly, customizable, and affordable. It should ease your workflow and automate most activities for maximum team productivity. Here are 15 team management tools that you must try as per your project needs.

1. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project- all-in-one team management platform

ProProfs Project is a simple, affordable, and all-in-one platform for team management. It helps you assign tasks, allocate resources, track progress, and ensure that your projects and tasks never miss deadlines.

The tool offers multiple views – list, gantt charts , kanban boards, and calendar view. So, you can choose a view that works best for your team. Its robust reporting system  provides an overall project and task summary from how much time is spent on which project and task to project status and progress.


  • Gantt charts
  • Kanban boards
  • Calendar view
  • Time tracking
  • Built-in reports
  • Project workflows
  • Task dependencies
  • Task comments and document sharing
  • Single dashboard
  • Mobile app


ProProfs Project’s team management solution comes with 2 pricing tiers:

Essentials – $2/user/month

Premium – $4/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Excellent team management capability.

What could be better: The 15-day trial could be extended.

2. Chanty

chanty- Best Team Management Tool

Chanty is a team management tool that facilitates smarter collaboration. With its seamless onboarding process, team members can instantly start using the tool for greater efficiency. Share your screens or share project files with just a click. You can filter tasks by status and due dates for instant visibility into project tasks. Transfer team data easily from third-party apps to Chanty. Also, automate your processes with its Teambook feature that consolidates all-important team information.


  • Easy-to-use application
  • Simple and intuitive user experience
  • Simplified video conferencing
  • Voice messages for instant reply
  • 24/7 support team available


Chanty’s team management solution comes with two pricing tiers:

Free – $0

Business – $3/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Its Teambook feature offers an organized and easy-to-access space for all project information.

What could be better: App integration.

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management software that’s built for small to large teams across different industries. It offers hundreds of customizable features to help you plan, manage, track, and collaborate with your teams including 15+ custom views to accommodate your team’s workflow preferences and project needs. With real-time reporting, collaboration detection, a built-in chat, 1,000 integrations, and more, ClickUp is one of your best options for team management software.


  • User-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality
  • 15+ customizable views including Workload view
  • Built-in chat view and task comments
  • In-app screen recorder
  • Dashboards and real-time reporting
  • Global time tracker
  • Mobile app


ClickUp’s team management solution comes with 5 pricing tiers.

  • Free Forever – Free
  • Unlimited- $5/user/month
  • Business- $9/user/month
  • Business Plus- $19/user/month
  • Enterprise- Available on Request

What we liked: The Hierarchy makes it easy for different departments to collaborate.

What could be better: Some features are not available on the mobile app.

4. Slack


Slack is an online collaboration tool that offers robust features to easily set up your team and tasks. Set automated reminders and you will be able to receive notifications for a due task or activity. You can use the tool to instantly sync task messages, files, and documents in all third-party applications. Its built-in calling feature with fellow teammates is a relief for those who like to work on the go. 


  • Apps and integration
  • Team chat
  • Data protection
  • Seamless UI/UX
  • Task automation


Slack’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Free – $0/month

Pro – $2.67/month

Business+ – $5/month

Enterprise Grid – Available on Request

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The tool keeps clients, vendors and stakeholders in the loop.

What could be better: Search functionality.

5. nTask


nTask’s user-friendly dashboard lets you set task status and priorities. It offers interactive Gantt charts that help visualize projects in a simpler way. Real time updates ensure that you and your team are never uncertain regarding how the project is moving forward. Meet deadlines faster with the tool’s easy workflow management capability that helps run all projects and tasks smoothly.


  • High quality video conferencing
  • Notification customization
  • Issues tracking
  • Custom roles & permissions
  • Task dependencies


nTask’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Basic – $0

Premium – $3.99/user/month

Business – $11.99/user/month

Enterprise – Available on Request

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The tool’s meeting management feature is exceptional.

What could be better: Customization ability within the tool could be improved.

6. Zoho Workplace


Zoho Workplace’s Quick Access tab lets you access and share documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on the go. Stay up to date with emails, chats, and notifications for every task and subtask. Multitasking is a breeze with the tool’s collaborative dashboard. Its third-party integrations help sync information across multiple applications and streamline the everyday workflow.


  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing for 10 users
  • User management
  • Shared calendars
  • Seamless communication and collaboration


Zoho Workplace’s team management solution offers three pricing tiers:

Standard – $1.32/user/month

Professional – $5.33/user/month

Mail-only plan – $0.78/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Its business communication feature makes it easier to connect with people across departments.

What could be better: User experience.

7. Proofhub


Proofhub is an all-in-one team management solution for projects of all sizes. Bid adieu to long email threads with its @mention feature that loops in the required people to chat, discuss and reach a solution to a roadblock. The tool has a short learning curve that makes it easy for team members to get started with projects immediately. Its smart task management features enable teams to glide through multiple projects and tasks.


  • Automatic task reminders
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Accurate timesheets
  • Task management
  • Group chat


Proofhub’s team management solution comes with two pricing tiers:

Ultimate Control – $89/month (Unlimited users)

Essential – $45/month (Unlimited users)

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Its short learning curve is definitely a plus.

What could be better: User interface and user experience



BITRIX24 is a great tool for overall team workload planning. It helps you automate tasks and set task dependencies for effortless team management. The collaborative platform offers chats, stream messages, and polls. With this, team members can streamline activities and discuss potential solutions to ongoing roadblocks. The tool also provides easy file storing, sharing, and integration with third-party applications.


  • CRM solution
  • Time tracking
  • Gantt charts, Kanban boards
  • Customizable templates
  • Chat and video call


BITRIX24’s team management solution comes with six pricing tiers:

Free – $0

Special Plans

Start+ – $19/month (2 users)

CRM+ – $55/month (6 users)

Project+ – $55/month (24 users)

Business plans

Standard – $79/month (50 users)

Professional – $159/month (unlimited)

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Effective task management.

What could be better: Technical support.

9. Toggl


Tracking all your daily tasks and subtasks is a cakewalk with Toggl’s one-stop team management solution. The tool’s Autotracker tracks activity as soon as you start accessing a specific app. Its integration with Google Calendar is seamless and enhances productivity in the long term. You can even extract insightful reports through your mail without having to log in to Toggl. This enables you to track team activity on-the-go and ensure optimum team productivity.


  • Time tracking
  • Offline mode
  • Insightful Reports
  • Third party integrations
  • One-click timers


Toggl’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Free – $0

Starter – $9/user/month

Premium – $18/user/month

Enterprise – Available On Request

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The tool offers easy and effortless time tracking.

What could be better: Better app integration.

10. Teamwork


Handling complex projects and multiple teams is a breeze with Teamwork’s workload management features. Its user-friendly interface and team management features assure that your team is always up to date with their assigned duties. The tool helps you manage resources and assign tasks in just a few clicks. Setting milestones and achieving set targets is effortless with its customizable dashboard. Moreover, its dashboard can be customized for each project’s unique team activity needs.


  • Gantt charts, Kanban board
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Time tracking
  • Portfolio management
  • Project health status updates


Teamwork’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Free forever-$0

Deliver- $10/user/month

Grow- $/18/user/month

Enterprise Available On Request

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The tool streamlines workflows with its easy-to-use intuitive dashboard.

What could be better: Mobile application.

11. Hubstaff


Streamline team management with Hubstaff’s user-friendly dashboards. Its unique geofencing feature automatically starts and stops the timer based on a team member’s GPS location. Get detailed insights into project activities and team hours with the tool’s comprehensive reports. The reports are accurate and reliable, easing your workload by tons. Its invoice generating ability quickly tracks billable hours and payment dues. 


  • Invoicing
  • 24-hour support
  • Detailed timesheets
  • Project budgeting
  • GPS monitoring


Hubstaff’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Desk free – $0

Desk Starter – $7/user/month

Desk Pro – $10/user/month

Enterprise – $20/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Timesheets are great for overall team management.

What could be better: Customer support.

12. Asana

Asana- Top Team Management software

Asana’s dashboard offers crucial project data like tasks due, approaching deadlines, and task dependencies at a glance. Asana Forms is an amazing feature that lets clients and other team members request additional changes on ongoing projects. This makes it easier for teams to track any updates that may come along while executing a project. The tool also helps you access multiple projects in minutes and at one place.


  • Task automation
  • Portfolio management
  • Asana Forms
  • Shared calendar
  • Gantt chart


Asana’s team management solution comes with three pricing tiers:

Basic- $0

Premium- $10.99

Business- $24.99

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: User experience is amazing.

What could be better: Better integration.

13. ActiveCollab


Organize your daily tasks and subtasks with ActiveCollab – one of the best workload management tools. The software automates most recurring tasks and lets you focus on the more important ones. It offers insightful workflow reports to keep everybody updated on project progress, allowing you to access accurate reports in an instant without having to spend a dime on disorganized project data. 


  • Real time updates
  • List, Column, Timeline View
  • Advanced time reports
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate


ActiveCollab’s team management solution comes with three pricing tiers:

Free- $0 (3 members)

Plus- $7.5 (3 members)

Pro- $6.25/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The reports are elaborate and accurate.

What could be better: Task dependencies.

14. Yammer

Yammer- Best Team Management Tool

Yammer is user-friendly and offers a great space for effective team management. It comes with  an engaging platform for social networking that helps team members come together and build interpersonal relationships. Yammer’s seamless integration with other Microsoft apps is a plus. You can even share documents, files, images, and much more with members across departments, using Yammer.


  • @mention functionality
  • Secure and compliant
  • File sharing
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Mobile application


Yammer’s team management solution comes with three pricing tiers:

Microsoft 365 E3 – $30.94/user/month

Microsoft 365 E5 – $55.11/user/month

Microsoft 365 F3 – $7.72/user/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: The tool is easy to use and manage everyday conversations.

What could be better: Better integration with rosoft Project

Microsoft Project is a great tool for team management, offering easy organization of tasks and resources within the defined deadline. It eases project workflow and tracks progress throughout a project’s life cycle. Basically, you never really have to micromanage tasks, teams and the overall project because the tool does that for you! It offers a timeline view that provides crucial project data at a glance. Leverage this team management software to manage and analyze team performance.


  • Project scheduling
  • User friendly
  • Automated workflow
  • Chats and meetings
  • Interactive dashboard


Microsoft Project’s team management solution comes with three pricing tiers:

Project Plan 1 – $9.63

Project Plan 3 – $28.89

Project Plan 5 – $52.97

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: It has a short learning curve.

What could be better: Graphical representation of project data.

15. Basecamp

Basecamp-Powerful Team Management Tool

Basecamp is a collaborative tool with powerful project management capabilities. You can assign tasks and discuss setbacks on the platform itself. Its to-do lists help analyze the workload and prioritize tasks as per requirement. The tool’s Message Board can be utilized for resolving queries and making project-related announcements for the entire team, all at one place.


  • User friendly
  • Up-to-date status updates
  • File sharing and management
  • Task accountability
  • Group chat


Basecamp’s team management solution comes with one pricing tier:

Basecamp Business– $99/month

What we liked/What’s special about this tool– The tool is great for quick communication.

What could be better- Project customization.

17. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner- Best Team Management Tool

LiquidPlanner is the only team management tool that accurately tells when a specific project will be completed. Its smart scheduling feature predicts an accurate deadline and provides clarity on project completion. This helps you take an informed approach to the project and expedite project progress. The tool’s insightful reports facilitate better and faster decision-making by offering 100% transparency into the workloads of team members. 


  • Team scheduling
  • Project forecasting
  • Collaborative tool
  • Task automation
  • Task prioritization


LiquidPlanner’s team management solution comes with four pricing tiers:

Free – $0

Essentials – $29/user/month

Professional – $39/user/month

Ultimate – Available On Request

What we liked/What’s special about this tool: Project forecasting has been a relief.

What could be better: Roles and permissions.

Comparison of Best Team Management Software

Software Pricing (Starting/user/month) Comments and Mentions Time Tracking Team Roles & Permissions Task Dependencies
ProProfs Project $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chanty $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Slack $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
nTask $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zoho Workplace $1.32 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proofhub $89 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BITRIX24 $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toggl $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teamwork $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hubstaff $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asana $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
ActiveCollab $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yammer $30.94 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Project $9.63 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Basecamp $99 (billed annually) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Teamweek $34 Yes
LiquidPlanner $0 Yes

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